Found by fans in Bungie’s own Destiny database of items, it appears there are a number of exotics still slated to appear in Destiny in the near future.

Destiny fans are pretty notorious for data mining Destiny‘s servers to discover content that is coming in the near future. But it didn’t take any data mining to find a new group of exotics that are on the servers but not yet in the game. The entries were found in the Armory database section of

Here are the list of exotics that could be coming to Destiny soon, their unique perks, and their utility. Obviously, until these exotics actually make their way into the game, perks and other details could change.

Ophidian Aspect Ophidian Aspect

Class: Warlock Gauntlets

Unique Perk: Viper Totemic – Improved Energy Drain, and weapons ready and reload very quickly.

This is obviously an exotic meant for the Voidwalker subclass, as it improves Energy Drain, which refills a Voidwalker’s abilities (depending on the build) on melee and grenade hits. The increase to weapon readiness and reload could be a huge advantage as well depending on how sped up the weapon handling is. In effect, this exotic could be a partial replacement for the Surge and Soul Rip nodes on the Voidwalker’s tree, encouraging the selection of Life Steal.


Astrocyte VerseAstrocyte Verse

Class: Warlock Helmet

Unique Perk: Teleportation – Reduces Blink cooldown and increases travel distance.

This is another exotic meant for the Voidwalker subclass, buffing the subclass’s Blink ability. Blink is a powerful tool in PvP. It allows players to avoid rockets and opposing supers, and it can confuse enemies and close the gap for engagement.

The Blink/shotgun combo used to be nearly unbeatable, but Bungie mostly fixed that problem when they nerfed weapon readiness coming out of Blink. However, Blink is still a very powerful tool of mobility in Destiny, and reducing its cooldown and increasing its travel distance (also allowing Voidwalkers to keep their armor stat high without sacrificing it for agility) could be incredibly useful in the Crucible.


Transversive StepsTransversive Steps

Class: Warlock Boots

Unique Perk: Strange Angles – Gain faster movement speed while crouching. Picking up ammo automatically reloads the weapon matching that ammo’s type.

These boots were spotted almost immediately in trailers for The Taken King, however they’ve never found their way into the game. Warlocks are the only class without exotic boots, so this would be a first. This exotic doesn’t seem as potentially useful as the other Warlock exotics, however it can be used by any subclass and that instant reload perk could come in handy in clutch situations.



Class: Titan Boots

Unique Perk: Speed Demon – Increased sprint speed, increased movement speed while aiming your weapon, and tighter turn radius while sprinting.

As MIDA Multi Tool has proven, agility and mobility can be a powerful tool in any Guardian’s arsenal and this exotic seems to crank up that stat for Titans. Speaking of MIDA, combine it with these boots and a Titan could be sprinting, jumping, and skating like has never been seen before.



Class: Titan Gauntlets

Unique Perk: One-Two Punch – Unlocks the Striker subclass node Amplify for free. You gain an additional melee charge.

Clearly built for Striker Titans, this exotic automatically unlocks Amplify, which gives players the ability “Kills with Storm Fist significantly reduce the cooldown of Fist of Havoc.” For Striker Titans who like to punch stuff, this exotic could be a lot of fun. Unless players are very melee-centric in PvP, this seems to be a more useful PvE exotic. Although this seems much more useful after the buff to Strikers and Titan melee range.


Shinobu's VowShinobu’s Vow

Class: Hunter Gauntlets

Unique Perk: New Tricks – Improves Skip Grenade and you gain an additional Skip Grenade charge.

Think of these gauntlets as the Nothing Manacles for Bladedancers. Considering how useful Skip Grenades can be (and how much of an annoyance they currently are in the meta), this exotic could introduce a whole new world of hurt in PvP. It also has the possibility of being extremely overpowered. Excitement or disdain will obviously depend on which side of the Skip Grenade a player is on.



Class: Hunter Boots

Unique Perk: Tighter turn radius while sprinting. Increased grenade and melee regeneration while sprinting.

Similar to the Titan’s Dunemarchers, the increased agility and speed could give Hunters an even bigger speed advantage (especially when paired with MIDA). The increased grenade and melee regeneration is interesting, but it will be conditional depending on how well a player can take advantage of it.

There’s no word on when these exotics might make their way to the game, or if they ever will. There have been plenty of cases like the Boolean Gemini, which first appeared in the databases under the name 347 Vesta Dynasty with House of Wolves but didn’t make it into the game (under its new moniker) until The Taken King.

Bungie will start its weekly dialogue with fans once again this Thursday in the first Bungie Weekly Update of 2016, in which they will talk about the February update coming to Destiny. But considering that the developer already said not to expect any reveals, any news on these exotics may have to wait until later down the road.

Of these new exotics, which one are you most looking forward to using in Destiny?

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