The Taken King brings a host of new content to Destiny — but many players will be looking forward to the new weapons on offer the most. One of the most desirable new tools of destruction is the sword, and it can only be obtained via an endgame quest. With this guide, you’ll be slicing and dicing in no time.

First, there are a couple of pre-requisites before you get started. You need to complete the main quest of The Taken King, and you also need to earn the right to Patrol the Dreadnaught by completing the mission ‘Dread Patrol’. Then, you’ll need to head to the Tower and speak to Eris to receive a quest entitled ‘A Broken Will’.

The first step of the quest is to speak to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Guardians, and the second is to farm 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 Motes of Light. The Flakes are best gathered via the newly found chest exploit in the Dreadnaught Patrol. When you’re done, hand over those materials to Shaxx.

The next step is to decide what sort of blade you want from the three types of elemental damage in the game — Arc, Void or Solar. You’ll need to supply 25 Relic Iron, Spinmetal or Helium Filaments depending on which variant you opt for. Keep in mind that this will determine what damage your weapon outputs, as well as which element it defends against best.

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Next, it’s time to reforge your sword in the aptly titled ‘A Sword Reforged’ quest. To get going, upgrade your sword fully and infuse it up to an attack value of more than 280. That should unlock a fifth perk, at which point you’ll want to go talk to Lord Shaxx again.

He’ll challenge you to kill 50 Majors in PvE and 25 other Guardians in the Crucible with your new sword. The rarity of Heavy Weapon ammo might prove to be a frustration while attempting the latter, so remember that you can deal damage by striking people with the hilt when you don’t have the resources for a proper attack.

Now it’s time to get into a sword-fight. Head to the Dreadnaught Patrol once again and seek out Ecthar, the Sword of Oryx. Navigate to The Founts by moving through the Cabal ship and exiting through the last passage on the left, then enter the first hole in the ground and circle round until you come across the entrance to the middle room.

There will be three Warden Knights here, each with a different elemental shield. Soften them up, but don’t kill them — you’ll need to dispatch all three with one Super to gain access to the Asylum. Once you’re in, kill off enemies until Ecthar takes a swing at you.

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Ecthar’s shield can only be damaged by attacks from your sword, so make sure to have it handy. Remember your ability to block, and you should be able to see him off without too much trouble. Once he’s chopped to bits, speak to Shaxx to complete the quest.

Next, it’s time to turn your Legendary sword into an Exotic. Speak to Shaxx, and he’ll ask you to farm some rare materials and kill some enemies with the appropriate elemental damage. The latter isn’t too much of an issue, but finding the uncommon variants of standard materials might take some time. Chests don’t work, so it’s a matter of going on Patrol and hitting the same spots over and over again.

Once this is done, speak to Shaxx and he’ll put your order in. The Exotic version of your sword will arrive on the next Armsday — which might be a difficult wait, after all the work you’ve put in. Stay tuned to Game Rant for all the latest guides and strategies for the new content that’s been added into Destiny with The Taken King.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit