Destiny: Shaders Will Work with Exotics Soon, Strike Bonuses Teased

By | 1 year ago 

In just two weeks’ time, Destiny: The Taken King will finally release, giving dedicated players an expanse of new content. Yes, it’s true that the King’s Fall raid will not be available on launch day, but The Taken King will have new quests, strikes, and cooperative experiences for players to enjoy, along with a new level cap and new gear.

Thus far, Bungie has done a solid job of detailing all of Destiny: The Taken King’s major additions and changes, which include more vault space, new faction features, and ghost shells with unique properties. However, with an expansion this big – the patch alone is 18GB – there are likely some pieces of info that Bungie hasn’t covered, but that gamers might be curious to know about.

Luckily, Bungie has quite the social media presence now, and have been using it to share small pieces of Destiny info. For starters, The Taken King’s director, Luke Smith, confirmed that shaders will soon work with exotic armor pieces, like the Titan’s Helm of Saint-14.

According to Smith, shaders will color exotics that are making the jump to Year 2, while Year 1 exotics will presumably keep their default color schemes. We don’t yet know what exotic armor pieces will be making the jump, however; only Saint-14 has been confirmed, and that was just this week. Now not only do players have to worry about their favorite exotic weapons making the upgrade jump for The Taken King – sorry Gjallarhorn fans, your rocket launcher didn’t make the first cut – they also have to think about armor. However, those that do get the upgrade will help Destiny guardians create a more unified, and presumably stylish, look.

Along with Smith’s detail about exotic armor shaders, Bungie producer Mark Noseworthy confirmed this week that there will be a new incentive for strike playlists. According to Noseworthy, the longer players participate in a strike playlist without leaving for orbit, the greater their reputation earns and potential rewards will be.

Noseworthy wouldn’t say how exactly the streaks will work, or how the reputation earns will change over time, but this is sure to be a welcome addition to all Destiny players. As someone who has done their fair share of grinding in the strike playlists (Hopscotch Pilgrim hunt!), gaining extra rewards is a nice bonus.

It’s also a smart addition because chances are players will be running strike playlists more often now that Legendary mark earns are no longer capped. With The Taken King, players can only hold 200 marks at a time, but they can replenish their wallet again and again.

With exactly two weeks until the launch of The Taken King, it’s unclear how much more Bungie will say about the expansion’s new content and update 2.0’s new features. We know that there is still one livestream reveal left, but outside of weekly Bungie updates the rest is a mystery.

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.