Destiny Guide: How to Get the Exotic Outbreak Prime


Destiny's most complex quest is now solved, resulting in players getting their hands on Rise of Iron's raid exotic pulse rifle called Outbreak Prime. Here's how to get it.

Destiny: Rise of Iron was holding a big secret. Once players jumped into the raid, they found a chest after the final boss that was blocked off by a series of laser grids. After some sleuthing around, Destiny fans discovered monitors hidden throughout the course of the raid that when activated, would disable the laser grids. That is, except for one. For a time, no one could find the last monitor, until it was finally spotted inside of an impenetrable diamond structure in one of the rooms in the raid.

Destiny fans, and members of the Destiny clan Math Class, were the first ones to crack the quest. Popular streamer and YouTuber Datto was among them. Here is his video guide, and Game Rant’s written guide below:


Activate the Monitors and Open the Chest

The first step to earning Outbreak Prime is collecting the quest itself. To do that, players will need to activate all five monitors in the raid. Here is Game Rant’s complete guide to finding all the monitors.

After a complicated process to get the hidden, fourth monitor, continue to the end of the raid. Defeat Aksis and then go down to the final chest and open it. A quest called “Channeling the Corruption” will be awarded. That quest will lead players to go talk to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak.

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Fireteam Up

After talking to Shiro, the next step is to leave the 6-person raid team and to join as a group of three. It cannot be any three either; each group must consist of a Warlock, a Hunter, and a Titan.

Together this group will need to complete:

  • a Nightfall strike
  • 3 Public Events in the Plaguelands
  • 3 Crucible matches or Heroic strikes
  • 50 kills with a pulse rifle

SIVA Engine

After that, players will receive an item called a SIVA Engine. By examining the SIVA Engine, players will see three rows of five nodes. The goal is to take the number of the single node all the way to the left and then by using the numbers in the middle, come out to equal the number on the furthest right single node.

Yes, there is a math requirement here. If a node is labeled as a Base Capacitor it will add the corresponding number, while a Base Resistor will subtract the corresponding number. Each class (Warlock, Hunter, Titan) will have a different sequence to solve. However, those sequences are always the same for anyone doing it, so here are the answers if needed:

  • Titan: 32323
  • Warlock: 31313
  • Hunter: 23223

The SIVA Engines need to coordinate with each other so staying in the fireteam of three is necessary to complete it. It is also necessary to be in a social space with that fireteam, so be sure to go back to Felwinter Peak to do it. Activate all three nodes on the SIVA Engine once each member of the fireteam has correctly filled in theirs to fully complete the SIVA Engine.

To the Plaguelands

After turning in the SIVA Engine to Shiro, the next step is to “Actively Explore the Plaguelands” by shooting enemies and opening chests, complete 3 rounds of Archon’s Forge, and defeat Sepiks Perfected. The Sepiks Perfected strike can be selected from the Director by going to the Devil’s Strike node on Earth and selecting the 320 Light version.

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Do More Math

Players will then receive another SIVA Engine, this one being charged. It is a more complex version of the first SIVA Engine with four rows of nodes instead of three. Same thing as before here. These are the answers:

  • Titan: 42123
  • Warlock: 13334
  • Hunter: 24414

Type in these nodes and then all three players must solve the node at the same time. Be sure that there aren’t any other players in the fireteam, as the three SIVA Engines are connecting to each other. If other people are within the fireteam, it can throw off the system.

Complete the Raid, Again

Next players will need to play the entire Wrath of the Machine raid again. The monitors do not need to be accessed again.

Another SIVA Engine

After completing the raid, another SIVA Engine will be gained. It adds another row of complexity, being a five by five grid of nodes. The same rules of staying with that fireteam, and only that fireteam applies. There are a lot of possible solutions for this one, and the best thing to do for those in need of help is to use this calculator designed by a fan.

Claim the Outbreak Prime

Return to Shiro-4, and claim the Outbreak Prime. It drops at 390. It is a pulse rifle in the same archetype as the ever-popular Grasp of Malok and when enemies are headshotted, it releases SIVA nanites that attack nearby enemies.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Datto

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