Destiny Dev Confirms Rumored Exotic Guns are Not in Game

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Although Destiny launched to mostly positive reviews and fan reactions, there was an initial concern that the game was lacking enough content to keep players busy once they reach max level (which doesn’t take very long at all). Although the community would still love to see more raids and missions, there’s no denying that a ton of content has been added since Destiny’s original release.

Destiny players have tons of new weapons, gear, and fighting to do thanks to a series of significant patches and DLC packs released throughout the last year. As the game continues to grow, the dedicated community continues to hunt down every rumored item that they believe is in the game. As the release of The Taken King approaches, some players are still hunting down secret items in The House of Wolves content. Unforunately, that hunt may be a wild goose chase…

Ever since two high-powered items, the Fate of All Fools and 347 Vesta Dynasty, were found in data mined files for the DLC content, players have been hunting everywhere for the weapons. After months of players searching, gamereactorTV solves the case by just asking one of the devs about the items.

Destiny 347 Vesta

“This is about data mining and about seeing what’s going to be in there… Those are just things that were in the data files that are not in the House of Wolves. They’re not there for you to go look for.”

Although some gamers considered the 3D model that was posted on PlanetDestiny confirmations of the items, developer Luke Smith confirms that neither weapon is available in House of Wolves. It is disappointing that the two weapons aren’t available, but there are still three other exotics for players to hunt down in HoW.

Many fans are upset that the items aren’t available, but this is the kind of modern problem that developers didn’t need to worry about before the days of fans rifling through thousands of lines of code for clues. Like any unofficial information that comes out of data mining, players should always be careful not to get their hopes up too high before the developers confirm specific content.

Regardless of their absence from HoW, it is clear that the team was working on both weapons. Hopefully we will see them show up again in a future DLC pack or expansion.

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Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: gamereactorTV