Bungie Gifts Recovering 'Destiny' Fan Special Exotic Weapon

Bungie Gift Destiny Fan Exotic Weapon

After two months on the market, few games stay on the Game Rant writing cycle quite like Destiny. We've covered everything from new DLC expansions to Sparrow surfing, and everything in between. Many of our articles have also focused on gamers' negative reaction to Destiny, specifically in its perceived lack of content and confusing developer dialogues.

Today, however, we bring a heartwarming story from the Destiny fan base, and a sign that although our tastes may differ as gamers we always rally behind each other. That's exactly what developer Bungie did when they heard one gamer was using Destiny as a form of physical therapy.

According to a poster on Reddit, her husband found that Destiny was a good form of therapy following a series of brain surgeries. In fact, the husband's doctor actually advised him to play games like Destiny.

Shortly after posting the story, Bungie caught wind and decided to give the husband a little extra mortal support from the Destiny team. Community Manager Deej contacted the wife and told her that not only was a care package on the way, but also that her husband should check Tess the Post Master for a special package. In the package was the Fate of All Fools Scout Rifle, a gun that is currently not available in Destiny.

Fellow Guardians,

Yesterday I had a post talking about my husband and his Doctor recommending Destiny to serve as a form of physical therapy for him following several brain surgeries. This community was amazing, and raid groups are being organized for him out of all the people who offered to help him.

But just as amazing, Deej contacted me and has sent my husband a care package from Bungie that is on the way. Then this morning, a message from Deej told us to have my husband check with Tess the Post Master in the tower. Lots of screaming ensued.

He has been sent the exotic gun Fate Of All Fools, a solar primary that looks like it will be available in future content.

Vision of Confluence had been my husbands dream weapon, as scout is his favorite and he wanted that solar damage. A more perfect weapon could not have been chosen. I'm so jealous, but mostly so damn happy for him. As for him-- well, you can imagine :)

It's no doubt heartwarming to hear Bungie show their support for a fan that's clearly going through a tough recovery process. Gifting him with a rare Exotic weapon, in addition to a mystery care package, typifies Bungie as a developer and reminds us how devoted to their fan base they are.

As far as the Fate of All Fools is concerned, us Destiny laymen will have to wait a bit longer to try the Scout Rifle out. Apparently the rifle is an Exotic Bounty included with the Trials of Osiris Event that is supposed to be on the way, possibly with The Dark Below.

Trials of Osiris, for those who might not have heard, is a unique Crucible Event focused on consecutive wins. Players enter by spending a consumable, an Osiris Coin, and go through as many matches of Skirmish (3v3 TDM) until they lose a total of three. The longer the player wins the better their rewards, kind of like the arena in Hearthstone.

For now, though, there is only one Fate of All Fools owner outside of the Bungie development team, and to that gamer we wish a speedy recovery.

What do you think of Bungie's good will gesture? Are you looking for to the Trials of Osiris Event?


Source: Reddit

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