‘Destiny’ Eververse Trademark Hints At Future DLC, Item Trading?

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Bungie has been pretty busy with Destiny lately as the developer just finished releasing the biggest expansion the game has seen yet. With a player base that continues to surge, their biggest challenge is to figure out how to continue to nurture and evolve the experience with new features and content for players.

With House of Wolves now available and as players continue to battle through the new content, modes, and updates, there’s still a question of what’s next for the ambitious sci-fi shooter. Even though Bungie remains tight lipped on potential future content, fans may have gotten a glimpse due to a recent trademark filing by the developer.

Recently on May 19, Bungie filed trademark applications with the United States Patent & Trademark Office for three items: Eververse, Eververse Trading Co., and the final one related to a specific ‘EV’ logo posted below. Even though Destiny isn’t specifically mentioned anywhere in the trademark filings, it’s easy to assume the listing is for the game, especially considering the lengthy contract Bungie originally signed with Activision.

Unfortunately, no further details can be gained from the listing as the trademark states it’s for typical things that developers add such as video game software, interactive game software, Halloween clothing, and action figures. Traditional things that cover all of their bases for when the content eventually releases.

Destiny Eververse

While these filings provide no real context or hints at what they could link to, speculation has begun to run wild as fans try to fill in the gaps. One such topic of discussion surrounds the highly sought after feature of item trading, which Bungie has recently stated is still on their radar and is currently being looked at by the development team. Could this fan requested feature be somehow linked to the recently trademarked term, Eververse Trading Co.?

Just recently, Bungie was caught trademarking the phrase “The Taken King” which also set off a wave of speculation at the future of the franchise. With the Eververse trademarks now added in to the mix, it’s entirely possible fans are looking at the next wave of smaller content due out sometime this summer or perhaps it’s all related to their next major expansion which should release later this year. As exciting as all this may be, fans will probably have to wait until E3 to get any sort of news in regards to the future of Destiny.

With two major expansions already released for Destiny, are you hoping for more large scale content or would you rather Bungie focus their efforts on the next game in the series?

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