‘Destiny’ Adds Elimination PvP Mode to Regular Crucible Playlist

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In order to bring longevity to any title, developers must stay engaged with its fan base so as to inject a variety of fresh and exciting content into their games. Without a doubt, Bungie is definitely one of those companies, as they have consistently kept their ear to the ground in order to continually improve players’ experiences in the insanely popular first-person shooting RPG, Destiny.

Frankly, there’s no way to ensure that everyone will be happy, especially when it comes to gamers. However, that won’t stop Bungie from trying with Destiny, as the game developer has officially announced the introduction of an Elimination playlist as an activity for The Crucible.

Some of us may have had trouble finding teammates to compete in the Trials of Osiris, so the recent addition of the PvP Elimination mode for The Crucible might be exactly what Guardians missing out on the fierce three-on-three battles need. Plus, there are gamers that prefer playing during the week, and this mode ought to fulfill that desire. Sure, the news is welcome for such fans, but those looking for an exact Trials of Osiris replication should alter their expectations a bit, as Bungie has made sure to keep both of the multiplayer modes distinct from one another.

The differences are as follows:

    • Power Advantages are disabled – just like all the other standard Crucible playlists
    • Skill-matching is enabled – Bungie will try to find an equal match based on players’ Crucible statistics
    • Teammate Matchmaking is enabled – Bungie will attempt to find allies for one’s mission to eliminate the opposition
    • Map cycling is enabled – it will be rare to play on the same map twice in a row
    • Rewards are standard – players will benefit from the new Crucible reward matrix, including more Marks and Legendary items

Destiny Crucible PvP Team

While the addition of an Elimination mode to The Crucible is something that a lot of fans have been pining for, the playlist will only be temporarily available, so it’s up to Destiny players to strike while the iron is hot since the games have begun at 10 a.m. Pacific and will only last for a week. Should the inclusion of Elimination in The Crucible multiplayer prove to be popular with fans, Bungie will hopefully make this a standard PvP feature.

Even so, players of the action RPG have plenty to look forward to, especially with new story missions, fresh gear, and original strikes to be included in The Taken King, which is being reported as a standalone expansion coming out this September. And in addition to an already copious amount of Destiny content, Bungie has also promised a tease at E3 2o15.

Is the introduction of an Elimination mode to The Crucible something that excites you? If so, do you think that it’s a feature that should become a mainstay to Destiny?

Destiny is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie