Destiny’s Elemental Primaries Coming Back as Exotics

age of triumph raid gear

While it was already reported that Destiny’s elemental primary raid weapons would be making a return in the game’s upcoming Age of Triumph live event, the game's developer, Bungie, clarified exactly how that would work today. When the refreshed raids become available in the action-RPG as part of the new Weekly Featured Raid playlist, players will earn elemental primaries as Adept versions of their favorite weapons, like Fatebringer. Non-elemental, Legendary versions of those same weapons will also be in the loot pool.

This seems to be a middle ground between the elemental primaries that rose to the top of Destiny’s PvE scene in the game’s first year and the removal of elements from Legendary primaries in The Taken King. Choosing to run with an elemental primary will now cost a player his or her only exotic slot, but it could very well be worth it especially during Nightfalls, Strikes, and other PvE content that has a Burn active.

The non-elemental versions of the raid primary weapons will drop during a normal run of each raid at the usual reward spots. However, to get one of the exotic, Adept versions, players will need to complete the Challenge Modes in each raid; although, Bungie says these weapons are not a guaranteed drop from said Challenge modes.

age of triumph raid weapons

The Adept versions also sport a new coat of paint to set them apart from their standard Legendary version. Either way, all the raid weapons and armor will drop up to 400 Light. That also includes the full arsenal of raid weapons, not just the primary weapons. That means weapons like the Praedyth’s Revenge sniper rifle and the Hunger of Crota rocket launcher will also be available at the new Light levels.

In addition, the primary weapons that came from King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine, which did not originally have an element in accordance with Bungie’s promise to no longer make elemental primaries, will also get exotic Adept versions that do have an element.

The first weapons players will have a chance to earn will be the rewards from the Crota’s End raid. It will be the first featured raid with two Challenge modes when Age of Triumph goes live next Tuesday, March 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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