Destiny Glitch Uncovers New Playable Area on Earth

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Now that Destiny Update 2.0 has officially released, and most players have been able to download the massive file, Guardians are excitedly discovering the many changes in the sci-fi shooter. With all the changes to weapon balancing, the new Quest system, and a few fresh Crucible maps to explore, there’s no shortage of things for players to find in the update.

However, it seems at least one player wasn’t content with the official changes to Destiny with Update 2.0, but wanted to search out something no one else knew about. This gamer, who goes by TheTeamsFlag on Reddit, discovered a newly rendered area via a glitch on Earth where players can run around and probe an area called The Mine.

As the below video shows, the player hops aboard a Sparrow and traverses through Forgotten Shore and The Grottos to find the glitch, nestled in a stone wall. The player uses the Sparrow to break through the wall, which reveals a broken world that’s obviously not yet fully rendered. However, TheTeamsFlag commits suicide with a rocket launcher and is quickly respawned in The Mine.

The Redditor points out that the wall glitch was known previously, but that The Mine was not discoverable before, which seems to prove that the new area was added as a part of Update 2.0, and will likely be opened when The Taken King launches next week.

This, of course, would not be a new practice for Bungie, as they have previously included expansion areas in their normal game updates. Doing so allows players to quickly jump into the action when they purchase the necessary expansion, and it also makes it easy for players who purchase Destiny later to have immediate access to all areas.

Although Bungie hasn’t yet revealed too much information about the new Destiny missions coming with The Taken King, it’s possible The Mine will play a part in the additions to the storyline. In fact, there are probably similar new areas on the other worlds in Destiny, since The Taken King will likely cover the whole galaxy as players hunt their way to Oryx.

Destiny Old Russia Mine

It will be especially interesting to learn the history and purpose for The Mine, since part of the new area looks very industrial and state-of-the-art, giving it the appearance of a secret bunker or mining operation in Old Russia. Of course, that’s just speculation, as it could easily be a secret Guardian base that enemy forces are attempting to control. Whatever the purpose of The Mine, it’ll definitely be fun to explore it in greater depth when it opens to players.

What do you think about the newly discovered Destiny glitch? Are you planning to check it out, or will you wait to see if it opens with The Taken King? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Destiny – The Taken King launches on September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit