'Destiny' Adds 'Doubles Skirmish' Multiplayer Mode

Destiny Doubles Skirmish Mode

With the launch of Crota’s End Hard Mode on Wednesday of this week, few expected much out of today's Bungie Weekly Update. Clearly their focus is on making sure the latest piece of new (is it really new?) content for Destiny runs smoothly, and not on fixing any existing changes. However, even while those assumptions were mostly correct, the update did reveal that something new is on the way.

Very soon, Destiny players, specifically those who enjoy the game’s PvP multiplayer, will be able to enjoy a new mode. Dubbed Doubles Skirmish, this new mode pits Guardians in a 2-on-2 deathmatch where teamwork is essential.

Essentially a pared down version of the basic 3v3 Skirmish mode, Doubles offers players a chance to test their mettle with fewer weapons and abilities at their disposal. Because the mode only features two enemy Guardians it will take much longer for players to earn their Super, and therefore those “easy” kill will not be as frequent.

On top of that, Bungie says that every match will feature one heavy ammo drop, meaning those over powered heavy machine guns and rocket launchers will be kept in their holsters for longer. Ultimately, Doubles Skirmish should be a chance for players to use teamwork, coordination, and some strong primary/secondary weapons to obtain victory.

Bungie actually tested Doubles Skirmish back in December and clearly the new mode went over well enough with fans. Sometimes it can be hard to put together a three-player fireteam, not to mention a 6-player raid team, but finding one other player shouldn’t prove too difficult. And in our experience, working Crucible with people you know leads to greater success.

Destiny Doubles Skirmish Details

It’s also worth mentioning that although the above image mentions PlayStation Plus, the Doubles Skirmish mode is apparently not a PlayStation exclusive. Xbox gamers will be able to enjoy the 2v2 action, albeit with a few less map and weapon options, obviously.

Overall, Doubles Skirmish sounds like a cool twist on an established mode, but it’s clearly not "new". Crucible fans have maligned Destiny practically since launch for its lack of support when it comes to PvP multiplayer and thus far Bungie has done little to prove them wrong. Perhaps with House of Wolves we may see some actual new modes.

What do you think of the Doubles Skirmish Crucible mode? What new types of modes would you like to see?


Source: Bungie

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