Will Bungie Announce the Next Destiny Expansion at PSX?

Bungie has confirmed that they will be at PlayStation Experience this weekend in San Francisco. Does that mean a new Destiny expansion will be announced at the show?

Destiny: The Taken King was a solid expansion, but with the debut of the King’s Fall Challenge Mode this week, it appears that all the surprises within the latest DLC have been revealed. For weeks the Destiny community has felt the content gap, a lack of new things to do in the game, and have been left clamoring for more. Bungie has confirmed that they will be at PlayStation Experience this weekend, though, and speculation that the developer will be revealing the next Destiny expansion is starting to build.

With not a peep from Bungie about their future plans, all signs point towards an announcement of a new expansion. Last month, Bungie confirmed that they would be at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, saying:

...[W]e’re going to PSX. Are you going to PSX? Because we’re totally gonna be there. Should be fun for all, whether you’re there or not.

Add to it that many of the Destiny community’s top YouTubers, including MoreConsole and MesaSean, have said that they are going to PSX, and there is definitely an air of mystery behind it.

What to Expect From the Destiny DLC

So, what can be expected for Destiny's next expansion? There are a few ideas, including a Vex or Cabal themed expansion pack, which is mainly inspired by a picture of a release schedule that leaked last year.

Back then, Bungie responded that the picture shouldn't be believed, but much of its info has proven to be mostly accurate. If the pattern holds true, the next planned expansion is Vex-themed and features new story missions, strikes, and a new raid. However, it could just as likely be focused on the Cabal.

Destiny Leaked Release Schedule

This comes from a report from last month that Tranformers developer, High Moon Studios, has been working with Bungie to create content for Destiny. According to the report, The Taken King was originally a much larger expansion and would have included a new Mars social space, but it was cut and sent to High Moon to be worked on for Destiny 2. It may be the case that the content won't be seen until a full-fledged sequel, but it's possible that the Mars activities appears as DLC. The leaked release schedule above also shows a Cabal-themed expansion coming before Destiny 2 called "Forge of Gods."

In fact, Destiny itself seems to suggest that the next piece of story content will feature the Cabal, provided players have followed closely. In the story mission Outbound Signal, it is revealed that a distress signal is sent to and received by the head of the Cabal Empire. This has many players believing that is a clear hint of what is coming next in Destiny.

Or the third option is that Bungie could completely surprise everyone with something else.

How Will Destiny DLC Work?

The other question is what form this new DLC will come in. There were reports that the new Eververse Trading Company, which introduced microtransactions to Destiny would foot the bill for free content packs in Year Two, however that rumor came into serious question when Activision said that microtransactions and paid expansions can coexist.

If Bungie does reveal something, all questions will be answered in just a few days. PlayStation Experience takes place in San Francisco December 5-6 and the event's keynote is scheduled for December 5 at 10 a.m. Pacific. It will be livestreamed on Twitch.

Do you think Bungie will announce a new expansion at PSX? What do you think it will be?

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