'Destiny' DLC Plans Leak? 'Comet' Release Set For 2015

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With The Dark Below expansion already in the hands of Guardians and The House of Wolves on its way soon, we're coming up on the end of what we know for sure about future plans for Bungie's Destiny. However, it seems that a leak has presented us with the information we're looking for — a sizable 'Comet' content expansion is on its way later this year.

The leak comes from a post on the official Bungie forums, which shares a inexplicably low-quality photograph supposedly taken at one of the developer's internal meetings. It's difficult to make out some of the finer details, but we are given quite a clear roadmap of the second year of the Destiny's lifespan; the release of 'Comet' will mirror the base game's release last year, and will similarly be followed by two smaller DLCs.

While the leak is unconfirmed from an official standpoint, the fact that the term 'Comet' was used as a reference to this sort of large scale DLC when details of Bungie's work on Destiny were outed as part of Activision's Call of Duty lawsuit makes it quite believable. The leaked slide suggests this 'Comet' will be titled 'Plague of Darkness' and will feature the following:

12 New Missions4 New Strikes1 New Raid6 New Multiplayer Maps3 New Subclasses2 New Weapon Types

It seems likely that this 'Comet' will come in the form of a re-release of Destiny that includes all this new content as well as The House of Wolves and The Dark Below. While early adopters will no doubt have enjoyed racing to be the first to complete Raids as they released, this later release of the game could address the lack of content that many found to be its major failing.


Following 'Plague of Darkness' are two expansion packs; one of which looks to be titled 'Forge of Gods', while the other appears to be labelled 'Vex TBC'. It would follow that this content isn't very far into development, but the Vex pack seems to contain a similar amount of content to the recently released The Dark Below.

We've known for a while that a sequel to Destiny is already in development, but it would seem that it won't be around for a while. This is enough DLC to see the game through 2015 and beyond, which would peg late 2016 as a likely spot for a fully-fledged followup. The questions remains as to whether this drip-feed of content will be enough to keep players invested.

That said, it's certainly good news for the many fans who took to Destiny despite its faults. The game's unbounded potential has always been its greatest strength; here's hoping that if these plans for DLC are indeed legitimate, then the content itself can help to make good on the game's considerable promise.

Destiny is available now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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