Destiny Guide: 7 Weapons to Get Before Rise of Iron

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Destiny: Rise of Iron will bring a vendor reset and a new collection of weapons, which means these top-tier weapons and/or their perk rolls will be disappearing soon.

The clock is ticking down to the release of Destiny's fall expansion, Rise of Iron. Many fans are prepping their characters so they can reach the new Light level and get their hands on some of the new weapons that will be added to the game. But the current Year Two weapons shouldn't be discounted. That's because they will also carry forward, able to be infused into the new Light levels of Year Three, so any of the current weapons with "god rolls" will be relevant in the new content.

Here are the top-tier weapons fans may want to pick up before they are gone:

7 Hawksaw

destiny hawksaw

Where to get it: Crucible Quartermaster for 150 Legendary Marks

Reason to get it: The Taken King firmly set up a pulse rifle meta, making it the most consistent and deadly primary weapon class in the game. It quickly became clear that Hawksaw was one of the best in class. But in December, pulse rifles received a nerf severely affecting the high and mid-impact archetypes. However, the low-impact class which Hawksaw belongs to still remains very effective.

The roll available from the Crucible Quartermaster is a perfect roll (unless you're looking for a fully automatic version). The Hawksaw comes with Fitted Stock, Counterbalance, and Smallbore resulting in maxed Stability and increased Range.

6 Y-09 Longbow Synthesis & LDR-5001

destiny longbow synthesis

Where to get it: Crucible and Vanguard Packages

Reason to get it: Before there was the 1000-Yard Stare, there was the Y-09 Longbow Synthesis and the LDR-5001. These two snipers are from the same family of sniper rifles as the extremely popular 1000-Yard Stare. They are high impact, feel snappy on the draw, and have a high amount of aim assist (which makes the reticle "stick" when drag scoping enemies' heads). With perk rolls like Hidden Hand and the Shortgaze scope, the aim assist stat can be boosted even higher. Both of these are Year One weapons, reintroduced to the game in Year Two.

The only way to earn them is by ranking up in Crucible (for the Longbow) or with the Vanguard (for the LDR). Bungie has yet to say if these weapons will remain in the loot pool after Rise of Iron launches, so it may be best to grind out a packages hoping for a lucky drop before Rise of Iron.

5 Ruin Wake

destiny ruin wake

Where to get it: Crucible Quartermaster

Reason to get it: Sometimes, a good heavy machine gun is exactly what is needed. Even though some players almost exclusively use rocket launchers in their heavy slots, the King's Fall raid quickly taught players that they needed a solid heavy machine gun. One of the most consistent archetypes of this weapon class can be found in the Ruin Wake. It is a balanced high-impact, mid-rate of fire machine gun, and the Crucible Quartermaster roll is one of the best possible. The King's Fall machine gun Quillum's Terminus is generally considered to be best-in-class, but for those who don't have one of those in their arsenal, the Ruin Wake is a worthy equivalent.

Rangefinder and Field Choke increase Range significantly and any penalty those perks cause to Stability is negated by Counterbalance and Braced Frame. This is a highly synergistic perk roll that is worth picking up for anyone needing a solid go-to heavy machine gun.

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4 Doctrine of Passing

destiny doctrine of passing

Where to get it: Random drop from 7th win in Trials of Osiris and the Lighthouse chest

Reason to get it: There was a time in The Taken King that the Doctrine of Passing ruled absolutely supreme in the Crucible. The low-impact, high-right of fire auto rifle is extremely stable, accurate, and its rounds would stagger anyone trying to return fire. It was so effective, the archetype received a nerf. Some people moved away from using the weapon, but even post-nerf it is an effective weapon. In Rise of Iron, Trials of Osiris is getting an entirely new set of armor and weapons. And with Trials of Osiris going on hiatus for a while, this weekend is the last chance for players to get their hands on this weapon.

3 The Vacancy

destiny the vacancy

Where to get it: Future War Cult

Reason to get it: Fusion rifles have finally seen a resurgence since receiving a buff in the April Update which increased their Stability across the board. The name of the game is now Stability, which keeps the bust of seven bolts in a tighter group, which naturally also helps the bolts to reach a greater range. The Vacancy at Future War Cult couldn't be a more perfect roll. Hot Swap, Braced Frame, Rangefinder and the Torch HS2 scope keep this 4-bolt killer extremely accurate and effective at longer ranges.

2 Conviction II

destiny conviction ii

Where to get it: New Monarchy

Reason to get it: Not many people use sidearms, however for those who do, one of the best rolls comes from New Monarchy's Conviction II. The Hakke sidearms are generally considered the best due to the increased speed of its projectiles. Add in perks on this vendor weapon that pushes out the range of the Conviction II, and it results in a highly accurate and effective sidearm. Plus, in Bungie's latest Rise of Iron ViDoc, the developer hinted that sidearms may be getting some improvements in Rise of Iron, so it might be worth picking this up to carry into Year Three.

1 Eyasluna

destiny eyasluna

Where to get it: Random drop post-match in the Crucible

Reason to get it: "Eyasluna is the new meta." This statement can be seen on Twitter and Reddit. Known as the "baby Hawkmoon" Eyasluna can be an extremely deadly hand cannon in the Crucible. Most players are looking for perks like Rifled Barrel and Rangefinder, which make this hand cannon extremely accurate and effective at near-Scout rifle range. Another favorite perk is Luck in the Chamber, which can make this a 2-shot killer in the Crucible. It is unclear if this weapon will be available in Rise of Iron, but it very well may be going away because it does belong to the set of weapons rewarded in the Crucible in The Taken King.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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