Players are reporting that older digital codes for the original version of Destiny are no longer working on console stores, despite the codes not being expired.

Destiny has gone through numerous expansions and updates since the game’s original launch in September 2014. For new players wanting all the content Destiny has to offer, the latest bundling of the game Destiny: The Collection is the best—and actually, only—option. It’s the only option because since The Collection launched as a digital download on PS4 and Xbox One, the original Destiny base game and its expansions has been replaced on consoles’ stores.

That appears to have caused a problem with digital codes that people may still be able to get their hands on. One such person went on Reddit to explain his situation.

That Destiny player, davidg1996, had his PS4 die on him and after going to Best Buy to purchase a replacement console that was bundled with a digital code for Destiny. Since he already owned all the expansions released for the game, he had hoped to use the digital code for the base game of Destiny to allow him to play using the digital copy instead of requiring the disc.

But due to the removal of that version of Destiny and its expansions from the PlayStation Store and being replaced with The Collection, it no longer is a valid downloadable item. It is not an issue of an old code, as it expires in March 2017. Despite a rigamarole of calls from Best Buy to Sony to Activision, the situation has ended up unresolved, and a warning to players who might find themselves in a similar situation.


That warning, and another side to this problem is especially for any long time player of Destiny who may be wanting to switch from the disc to digital. Because of this issue, it means spending a new $60 for the same content he or she already owns. Because the digital version of vanilla Destiny no longer exists on console stores, players would have to repurchase all the game’s content even if they already owned the $170 worth of content already (Any Destiny fan who has paid for the base game and all of its expansions at their launch price has paid about $170 for all the game’s content). To repurchase that content by being forced to buy The Collection and going all-digital would add an additional $60 to that overall cost.

Bungie has not responded to the issue, but the thread is currently at the top of the Destiny subreddit, so time will tell if Bungie sees and attempts to troubleshoot the problem. For anyone with a free code or wanting to go from disc to digital, be warned.

Destiny is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.