'Destiny' Developer Diary: Bungie Details Hand-Crafted Loot, Armor, & Weapons

Destiny Developer Diary Loot


If there's one driving force behind any great RPG, MMO, or combination thereof it's loot. Players spend countless hours grinding out levels, repeating quests, and even completing the most inane tasks simply to have the coolest looking gear and weapons.

One developer that is well aware of the viability of loot is Bungie, whose upcoming game Destiny is reportedly packed full of loot. And not just any loot, mind you, but handcrafted pieces of armor and unique weapons befit an expansive sci-fi world.

As the developer diary above further details, Destiny will offer loot in all shapes and sizes. Not just that, but there will be variations on armor and weapons that further fuel players' innate desire to quest until the sun comes up.

One element to Destiny that makes it stand out from a lot of the other MMOs and RPGs on the market is its unique item drop mechanic. Rather than having a fallen enemy drop loot, armor, and weapons in a single batch, Bungie's system makes it so each player gets their own drops. That way, there's no racing in for the final kill in the hopes of stealing away all the best drops.

Destiny Developer Diary Loot

Alongside the various pieces of loot scattered across Destiny's solo, cooperative, and competitive experience, Bungie promises a wealth of unique armor and weapon options. Thus far, we have only seen a small taste of the armor loadouts available in the game, which are unique to one of the game's three classes — those classes being the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan.

What's more, the game's weapons will carry over across those three different classes, meaning players can mix and match their loadout based on their own particular preference. So, if you find a weapon (primary, special, or heavy) that best suits your Titan but you earned it while playing as your Warlock, you can still share that weapon easily between classes. It's a seemingly insignificant detail but a smart move on Bungie's part nonetheless.

Ever since its unveiling last year, Destiny has been feeding gamers a steady diet of new and exciting content, from trailers to screenshots to in-depth developer diaries like the one featured above. There are still some elements that have yet to be fully detailed — PvP is one of the biggest — but so far it sounds like Bungie has put together a robust multiplayer experience that, while similar to their Halo franchise in a few ways, is its own unique creation.

What about Destiny has you the most excited? How important is a solid selection of loot in a game like this?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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