New ‘Destiny’ Details On Skills, Modes, Locations & Enemy Races

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To the excitement of Bungie fans everywhere, Destiny is beginning to finally take form thanks to a slow succession of reveals and press interviews. Hungry gamers have endured a slow drip of news for the developer’s Halo successor ever since the game was revealed last February. Confusing matters, the game’s ambitious goal is in melding a few genres together in order to form something completely new. Taking concepts from MMOs and thrusting them into a more social triple-A first-person action game, the new amalgam has made it difficult to visualize the  finer points of Destiny’s functionality.

Thanks to the upcoming January 2014 issue of Game Informer magazine, Destiny’s details are beginning to come into focus. We now know the playable Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes will all be able to carry whatever gun they want to, but will each have class specific armor choices.

Players also can develop ‘Focus’ abilities to further define their character. These range from things like movement bonuses and gun specializations to class specific abilities, giving each player the ability to find their niche play style.

All of that would be useless without bad aliens to blow up of course and Bungie has given a little insight into every race you will find yourself pitted against as a Guardian. OXM has summarized these descriptions as:

The Fallen, a race of star-faring pirates with visible souls;

The Hive, an ant-like race that seemingly owe a lot to StarCraft‘s Zerg

The Vex, robots with abdominal power cores; the highly industrialised and expansionist Cabal

The Exo, a bunch of man-made machines who’ve lost their memories.

Destiny New Details

Thanks to the Destiny ‘Moon’ trailer, it was confirmed that Destiny would have players exploring more than Earth and a few other planets – players will be taking off for the Moon in certain raids as well. Revealing a few additional locations, Bungie confirmed that players can look forward to heading to an industrial facility in Russia (which featured at this years E3), the flooded cities of Venus and an alien battleground on Mars.

Destiny revolves around co-op multiplayer, taking place in massive worlds where strangers can bump into each other and raid together. It isn’t all going to be mutual teamwork though. The game will also have competitive game types such as Deathmatch and Zone Capture. If Bungie can deliver a huge co-operative based game with competitive matchmaking on par with Halo on the side, then there will be something for every online FPS fan.

Destiny is set to go to BETA early next year for those who have pre-ordered the game and it is thought that the full game won’t be too far behind. Have you pre-ordered the game yet? Is Destiny at the top of your most anticipated list or are you not that fussed? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny is set to release in 2014 on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A BETA will be available to consumers who have pre-ordered the game early in 2014.

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