Bungie has released Destiny‘s December Update, which changes up Titan subclasses and weapon classes, as well as adding more exotics to the game for players to collect.

Destiny‘s December Update has dropped and it brings a bevy of changes to the game, including a new weapon rebalance, a nerf to Sunbreakers, the Sparrow Racing League, and more.

As detailed last week, Titan Sunbreakers have been tuned down a bit, while the other two Titan subclasses, Striker and Defender, have received a buff. All Titans also got their melee attack extended, so they can hit from slightly farther away.

This update also added new and refreshed exotics to the game, including No Land Beyond and MIDA Multi-Tool from Year One, with Twilight Garrison being a brand new exotic.

Nearly every weapon class in Destiny has seen a change in the latest update, in a wide weapon rebalancing. If everything works as Bungie intends, pulse rifles will be a little weaker, auto rifles will hit a bit harder, and hand cannons should land headshots more consistently. The much-hated Luck in the Chamber perk on sniper rifles (which could kill in one body shot in the Crucible) has been patched to only activate on precision shots. Also, shotguns are getting nerfed hard (again), decreasing their effective range and slowing down how fast they fire, aim, and reload.

Destiny Crucible Weapons Fireteam

Tess Everis, the vendor of Eververse, has new items for players to spend real money on, including new emotes. The emotes available at the launch of microtransactions have now been moved into random grab bag items.

The update also gave more uses to Etheric Light. Previously only teased as a change that was coming, we now know what that use is: it can be turned into Petra for reputation.

Bungie has also made numerous small tweaks to Crucible maps across the board, eliminating exploits players have found. And anyone who purchased The Taken King Collector’s Edition can now infuse the exotic armor and class item they received in that edition. Also, the class item can be equipped while also wearing another piece of exotic armor (the same way the exotic faction class items function). One other small thing that will probably make players happy is that Nightfalls now award +500 Vanguard Rep on first completion per character per week (this is how it worked in Year One, but was removed in The Taken King).

Finally, the update brought with it the Sparrow Racing League, which is a three-week limited event that allows players to race along two special maps for gear. There are new emotes specific to the event and a chance for 320 Light Helmets and Class items to drop from playing.

This update should change up a lot of things, including the competitive meta.

What do you think of the changes in Destiny‘s December Update?

Source: Bungie