Destiny Guide: How to Claim Your Days of Iron Armor

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Follow this helpful Destiny guide for the quick and easy method to earning the brand new Days of Iron armor set from the new Rise of Iron record book.

Prior to the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Bungie reinvigorated the player base by introducing the new Moments of Triumph record book, where players could earn unique rewards for finishing off certain Taken King focused milestones. Unlike the Year One version, this one was turned into a record book where fans could have a visual way to see what needed to be done and what sort of rewards where upcoming. Seeing as fan reaction has been quite positive to this change, Bungie has taken that concept and expanded upon it even further in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Similar to the SRL and Moments of Triumph 2 record books, Rise of Iron provides a much more detailed and expansive book, touching on all of the new content and providing milestones for players to reach. The record book is essentially broken down into multiple parts, representing each section of the Rise of Iron expansion from the campaign, to patrolling the Plaguelands, and finally Crucible activities. The upcoming raid known as Wrath of the Machine is also represented, but the milestones have not been revealed as of yet.

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All Rise of Iron players have access to the record book, though they will need to first open it to get started. It can be found under the new Progress tab of the pause menu. From here, view the details on it, and the game will prompt the player to open the book where all of the rewards and milestones can be viewed in full.

To further entice players to complete the various milestones, record book XP is awarded increasing the rank which in turn unlocks goodies at each new tier. The rewards range from new shaders and emblems to more substantial items like weapons and armor.

Days of Iron Armor

Arguably, the most prized reward from the Rise of Iron record book is the Days of Iron armor set. Many fans who have been paying attention to pre-release material from Bungie have already gotten a glimpse of the Iron Lord themed set, as certain variations of the gear appear to be on fire.

The set also supports ornaments, a new feature that lets players further customize many weapons and gear by changing the look of the item. Many exotic items have these new ornament slots, where players can use a new crafting resource called Silver Dust to unlock new looks for the item.

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Claim The Armor

Similar to Sterling and Radiant Treasures, the Days of Iron armor set is earned through opening Iron Armor boxes. Once a box as been obtained, it will shift to the inventory where players can open them in exactly the same way as the previously mentioned treasure boxes. The Days of Iron gear drops at the default light level value of 340, forcing players to infuse it in order to make it relevant towards the climb to 385 and eventually 400.

Thankfully, acquiring the gear is fairly straightforward as each set piece is tied to a particular rank in the record book. The good news for players with multiple character is that each piece of the Iron Armor grants three pieces, one for each class.

Here are the specific Days of Iron unlock rank requirements along with the specific items earned:

  • Rank 2: Iron Armor Arms
  • Rank 4: Iron Armor Legs
  • Rank 8: Iron Armor Chest
  • Rank 10: Iron Armor Head
  • Rank 16: Iron Armor Class Items
  • Rank 22: Days of Iron Ornament (needs Silver Dust in order to activate)

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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