Destiny Switching Up Weekly Activities in Next Live Event


In the second reveal stream for Destiny’s upcoming live event, Age of Triumph, developer Bungie showed how the weekly playlists are getting a shake up with new formats, modifiers, and rewards to boot.

Bungie had been teasing more “mayhem” being added to the Nightfall, and that was confirmed today with the reveal of the Daybreak modifier, which does exactly as expected—it speeds up the recharge of all Guardians abilities. Daybreak strikes essentially take Destiny’s Mayhem Crucible mode and bring it to PvE content; however, the Daybreak modifier will only apply to Nightfalls. In addition to super charging Guardians, the Daybreak modifier will also apply all Epic modifiers to enemies, making them tougher and more aggressive.

The Daybreak modifier won’t be on every Nightfall from now on, however. Bungie said when Age of Triumph launches on March 28, that week’s Nightfall will indeed feature it, but then it will be in a rotation of once every four weeks.

That is, until a block of weeks starting July 18 and going through August, when the Daybreak modifier will be active every week. In addition, Bungie promised that there will be a return of what fans call “Rainbow Burn” in Nightfalls, meaning all Burn modifiers will sometimes be turned on.

Destiny Nightfall SABER

As a bonus, a fan-favorite feature will return to Nightfalls, specifically the XP boost and blue flames that were present in Year 1. It was a feature removed in The Taken King, but Bungie will bring it back in Age of Triumph.

In addition to Nightfalls getting these changes, the Challenge of the Elders mode will be added to the featured weekly playlist section. It will be bumped up to 390 Light, like the refreshed raids, and players will be able to earn high Light rewards from the mode.

While the SIVA Heroic Crisis Playlist will remain largely unchanged, the Daily Story Mission node is becoming a Weekly Story Mission Playlist. Each week will have a different theme - the one shown on stream was Mars and Venus - and feature story missions that fit within that theme. This playlist will also add modifiers, which have not been seen in Story missions since the old, one-time-only Queen’s Wrath event.


And finally, the weekly Crucible playlists will now always feature a 6v6 mode, while the Crucible Vanguard Lord Shaxx will now offer two weekly bounties that apply to each of those modes.

To go along with the new playlists, Destiny will introduce a new item, known as Treasure of the Ages, which contain all the items from every live event that Destiny has ever had, giving collectors a chance to nab anything they may have missed along the way.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. Age of Triumph goes live Tuesday, March 28.

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