Destiny Teases Daybreak Strikes, Refreshed Prison of Elders


Ahead of a full reveal later this week, Bungie has released a new Destiny teaser trailer for the game’s next live event, Age of Triumph. The trailer previews something called Daylight Strikes as well as the game’s Prison of Elders arena mode coming back in some capacity.

Both these activities will be included in Destiny’s new “weekly rituals” as developer Bungie calls them, which are the nodes found on the bottom left of the Director.

While Daylight Strikes will officially remain a mystery until Bungie’s Twitch stream on Wednesday, there have been enough teases to assume what they will be. Many times in the last week, Bungie has said that Age of Triumph will bring more “mayhem” to strikes, causing many to hypothesize that there will be a new strike playlist or modifier that brings aspects of Destiny’s Mayhem PvP mode to PvE.

The trailer appears to back up that theory. It shows a ton of Supers being used, which is one of the modifiers of the Mayhem mode, specifically, greatly reduced charge rates on Super abilities.

The trailer also heavily features the Prison of Elders, which also appeared in the Weekly Rituals screen that Bungie released a few weeks ago (seen below), next to activities like the new Weekly Featured Raid and the usual Nightfall and Heroic Strike Playlist. Virtually no other details have been released regarding the Prison of Elders mode coming back in Age of Triumph.

destiny age of triumph activities

With the first three raids returning, many are wondering whether the hardest version of the original Prison of Elders (which stood in place of a raid in House of Wolves), the Skolas encounter, could also make a return, although the boss remains completely absent from the trailer. Whatever old or new take on the arena activity comes in Age of Triumph, it is almost assured to be, like the raids, brought up to relevant Light levels.

Fans will be able to find out all the details regarding these activities this Wednesday, March 15 at 10 a.m. Pacific on Bungie’s Twitch channel. Last week during the first Age of Triumph stream, Bungie revealed Destiny’s biggest record book ever and teased the return of elemental primary raid weapons. Age of Triumph is Destiny’s last live event and will debut on March 28.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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