'Destiny' Day One Patch Tweaks Classes, Vehicles and Maps

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PC fans will need to continue waiting patiently, but for all the console gamers out there, Destiny launch day has finally arrived. As with any game that relies heavily on its online functionality, the FPS MMO is sure to have frequent patches throughout its lifespan. Day one is no exception and we have all the details on the game's first update right here...

Although games that demand online services for a smooth launch often have a rocky start (see Diablo 3 and SimCity) Destiny seems to have avoided any day one disasters, so far. The most pre-ordered game in history took full advantage of its alpha and beta tests (which put over four million users worth of stress on the servers) and it seems like all the major quirks have been worked out. Although the servers seem to be in good shape, there are still some gameplay tweaks that need to be made before players can start leveling up and hunting down gear upgrades.

Patch 1.01 is fully-detailed on Bungie's website and will bring a pretty significant amount of last minute changes to the game's classes, vehicles, and maps. Bungie explained that the feedback from the beta was crucial in implementing the changes that we will see in the day one patch and that the community feedback will have a big role in the constant improvements being made to the game.

Check out Bungie's site for a full breakdown of the tweaks, but here are the highlights, some of which might impact which starting class you choose...



  • Removed subclass locking from builds.
  • Adjusted the unlock order for all subclass trees.
  • Adjusted the cooldown ranges of armor stats (Intellect, Discipline, Strength).
  • Agility now has more impact to move speed and acceleration.



  • Catapult no longer has screen effects


  • Shoulder Charge now deals Arc damage instead of Kinetic
  • Lightning Grenade shock damage increased by 66% (base 60 to 100)
  • Amplify Super bonus-on-kill increased from 6% to 10%
  • Flashbang no longer disorients ultra combatants
  • Transfusion now has a 5-second cooldown before it can trigger again
  • Juggernaut shield is removed after jumping or sprinting for 6.5 seconds


  • Ward of Dawn now immediately regenerates your health on activation



  • Golden Gun is now unable to overpenetrate through a Ward of Dawn shield
  • Incendiary Grenade detonation damage reduced by 18% (base 140 to 115)
  • Chain of Woe now grants an additional 5%, 10%, 15% bonus to reload speed
  • Gunslinger's Trance buff duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds.


  • Arcbolt Grenade impact damage reduced by 17% (base 120 to 100)
  • Razor's Edge distance traveled slowed and reduced
  • Quickdraw now no longer requires a melee hit
  • Blink now cancels invisibility when used



  • Nova Bomb Vortex duration reduced from 5 to 3.5 seconds.
  • Nova Bomb Vortex effects now has displays for its victims.
  • Energy Drain impact damage increased by 10% (base 100 to 110)
  • Soul Rip super bonus on kill increased from 6% to 10% bonus
  • Vortex Grenade linger damage reduced by 50% (base 15 to 10) per tick
  • Surge now grants a bonus to reload and weapon-ready speed
  • Surge now activates when doing damage to an enemy instead of killing blow
  • Surge agility buff increased by 33% (base 10 to 13)


  • Firebolt Grenade impact damage reduced by 20% (base 100 to 80)
  • Flame Shield now activates when doing damage to an enemy instead of killing blow
  • Flame Shield now provides a small overshield
  • Solar Grenade linger damage reduced by 50% (base 15 to 10) per tick

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The patch notes go on to detail changes to weapons, builds, talents, maps, activities, achievements, progression, game stability, and UI. It may seem like a like of last minute decisions, but the team at Bungie isn't shying away from its desire to constantly update and improve the game. Expect patches to be a regular occurrence in the world of Destiny.

"The hours you poured into the beta were instructive, the feedback you provided was heard, and the time you've spent with us so far is humbling.

Patch 1.0.1 won't be the last changes to Destiny. Our goal is to constantly improve the Live game. The game we hope is competing for your free time.

Work is already underway on upcoming patches. Some will contain new content, some will contain the next round of improvements, and some will undoubtedly react to issues that you - the playerbase - will uncover in the coming weeks.

We're just getting started."

Like most successful MMOs, Bungie will likely need to implement constant updates and tweaks to keep the community happy, the PvP environment fair, and the content entertaining. It seems like the team is off to a good start and we look forward to seeing what else the game has in store for us.

Have you downloaded the patch yet? How was your day one experience been? Let us know in the comments.


Destiny is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bungie

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