A new trailer shows off what Destiny fans can expect when the game’s December live event, called The Dawning, launches including Sparrow Racing League and Strike Scoring.

Destiny hopes to draw back players this month with The Dawning, the newest live event to come to Bungie’s sci-fi shared world shooter. Destiny‘s Sparrow Racing League returns with The Dawning, after debuting for the first time last December. But Bungie has added much more than Sparrow racing to this year’s December live event. The newest Destiny trailer teases everything fans can do during the event:

First up, as mentioned, Sparrow Racing League makes a comeback in The Dawning. In addition to the two tracks from last year, two new tracks join the fray: Haakon’s Precipice on Earth and Shining Sands on Mercury. Players will be able to earn Light-relevant armor playing Sparrow Racing League, which can be worn or infused as well.

Unlike last year when only class items and helmets had Light, now every piece of armor has the potential of rolling a higher Light stat up to the 400 level cap. There will also be new loot to chase after, including Sparrows (like a new one that is completely gold) and Sparrow horns.

In addition to Sparrow Racing League, the other big addition in The Dawning is Strike Scoring. Bungie is infusing a bit of its roots with Halo‘s Firefight Mode into Destiny‘s Strikes. Players will earn medals and increase their score by killing enemies and completing various kill streaks in Strikes. Players will also be able to play three new remastered Strikes coming with The Dawning, including a new upgraded version of Nexus Mind, which adds new mechanics to the boss fight with the shield from the Vault of Glass raid. The other remastered Strikes are Will of Crota and The Shadow Thief.


Commander Zavala will now offer Strike-related bounties, which will reward gear. He will also have a bounty related to the Nightfall, which has a chance of rewarding players with the new Year 3 version of the exotic sniper rifle Ice Breaker when completing it. In addition to Ice Breaker, The Dawning will bring a number of exotic weapon Ornaments and both a solar and void version of the exotic machine gun Thunderlord.

There are sure to be a lot of other items on sale from Eververse via microtransactions, including emotes and more. Bungie has also said that players will be given a free gift to open every day by signing in during The Dawning event. It’s unclear exactly what this gift will be, whether it will be a Treasure of The Dawning, which includes one of the new armor sets being added to the game, or if it is something else entirely.

The Dawning begins December 13th at 10 a.m. Pacific time, and runs through January 3rd. A new update will also be required to download and install at that time.

Destiny: Rise of Iron, which is required to play The Dawning content, is available now on Xbox One and PS4.