With just days left before Destiny‘s December live event, The Dawning, goes away, follow these easy steps to wrap up the toughest quests and record book tasks.

The Dawning is Destiny‘s latest live event, which brought back Sparrow Racing League and added Strike Scoring. Along with those activities, Destiny also added a Record Book and quests to accompany them. Most of these are easily completed, as players will find themselves achieving them just by playing these modes. But there are a few quest and Record Book steps that can be a bit of a grind. Here are the last few things that players may have lingering on their to-do lists, and the best ways to get them done.

Super Hero

Likely to be the last unfilled node in The Dawning Record Book for most players is the Super Hero achievement. To complete it, players will need to get 50 Super Medals in Strikes with Strike Scoring enabled. Earning Super Medals is much more involved than just getting a kill here and there with a Super. Super Medals are awarded for killing three or more enemies with one Super. So first off, don’t use a Super if it is only going to hit one or two enemies.

But to speed up the process, here are a few builds for each class that will cut down the time spent grinding for Super Medals. The most effective subclass, especially for this week’s Nightfall (one of the best places to grind before The Dawning ends) is the Voidwalker.


Players should equip the exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju, which will speed up Super energy gains with each enemy kill. The other important piece of gear for this build is the Obsidian Mind exotic helmet. The Obsidian Mind will not only refill Super energy when killing with the Nova Bomb, it also speeds up Super energy gains with each enemy kill. Within the subclass tree, select Shatter, Soul Rip, The Hunger, and Embrace the Void. All these will fill the meter to a Nova Bomb extremely quickly.

Go into the Nightfall solo and go into the first room filled with enemies. Move to the left side of the room and take out the enemies up the stairs using Bad Juju and grenades (Catapult is on so throw grenades liberally). Once the Super bar is filled up, go to the right side of the room inside the door. There should be a group of enemies stacked up in that area, so let a Nova Bomb go and it should take out all of them. With Obsidian Mind equipped, it’s easy to get half a Super meter back immediately. By killing some of the Shanks wandering the room, it’s possible to fill up another Super meter and unleash it on a gaggle of enemies, then die, and repeat until this Record Book step is done.

For players who don’t have a Voidwalker, the next best option is the Nightstalker. Not only will players have an advantage with Void Burn active this week on the Nightfall, but the Shadowshot can grant two Super Medals if every enemy caught in the tether is killed. Use either Blood Bound (shares the damage to all tethered targets) or Black Hole (makes the tether last longer), whichever each player feels can better allow them to kill all the tethered targets before Shadowshot disappears.

The least effective method (but available to those who only have a Titan) is the Sunbreaker. But don’t head to the Nightfall; instead, go to the SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist. Equip Suncharge, which will combine the Solar Burn and Brawler modifiers and cause maximum damage when using the Hammer of Sol Super. Again, no matter what class, using Bad Juju is key.

Class S License

Players will probably cruise through most of the Record Book steps and quests for Sparrow Racing League. However, one of the toughest steps for a lot of players will come in the final stage of Amanda Holliday’s SRL Quest, which will grant the Class S License, along with a cool emblem for going through the trouble.


The final step will require players complete three Sparrow races in first place. While some players may be talented enough to do this easily, for others it will not be so simple. But there is a way to increase one’s chances of winning, and it has to do with tricking Destiny‘s matchmaking system.

The matchmaking system for Sparrow Racing League is unique, differing from the systems used in the other PvP playlists. The system is more skill-based than anything, grouping players with other players of similar skill and track times. So, for those struggling to hit first, spend a couple races coming in last. Wait until the very last second to cross the finish line on the 30-second timer after the first place racer finishes.

The matchmaking system will then start grouping the player with less skilled players who have slower completion times. Yes, some amount of skill will still be required from here, but it should make getting a first place win easier. If opponents seem to be toughening up again, start losing again to get into lobbies filled with slower players.


Many players might be just fine getting this done in the Record Book, but it’s worth mentioning here. To complete the “Tricky” achievement, players need to land 100 tricks while racing in Sparrow Racing League. But this does not mean flips and rolls. The easiest way is to hit down on the D-pad whenever going over a jump, which will cause an emote trick. It counts as a trick, and if players do it on nearly every jump, they’ll complete this in no time. Just make sure to equip a Sparrow that does tricks like Lysander’s Cry or The Poison Apple.

The Dawning ends at the weekly reset, 1 a.m. Pacific on January 3rd.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.