Destiny fans are speculating that the first live event of 2016 will be called The Dawning, and based on other reports, could bring with it a new Crucible gametype.

Destiny fans are well into the content gap, a long stretch of time between The Taken King‘s launch in September 2015 and the next addition of new content. Bungie has said that most of the content players will receive in Destiny‘s Year Two consists of free live events. After some digging and in light of recent events, fans are speculating that the next event will be called The Dawning, and could possibly bring a new Crucible mode.

A few months ago, some new items were found in the Destiny database tied to “The Dawning,” which have a corresponding vendor such as Petra or The Speaker. The item from Petra has the description “A message from Petra Venj about The Dawning.”

Destiny The Dawning Items

Fans weren’t sure what to make of these items when they were first found, but when Bungie sent out information concerning a free emblem players could receive by playing any activity in Destiny this past weekend, the rumor train really picked up speed.

In an email received by all registered users of Destiny, Bungie uses the header “Days of The Dawning” with “A time to celebrate the past year, and look forward to the next…” The use of The Dawning has many speculating that Bungie is leading up to its first event of this year and that it will be called The Dawning. It’s a logical conclusion, but there’s no way to actually interpret what the event will contain.

Bungie said the first event of 2016 will be of comparable size to Festival of the Lost, the event that debuted in October as a celebration of Halloween. It was a mostly cosmetic event, sending players on a trick-or-treat walk around the Tower to the various vendors and then sent them out to collect masks and complete quests by playing any activity.

Based on that, fans can probably expect The Dawning to include new emotes and cosmetic items for sale via microtransactions from Tess Everis, some new quests that give specific rewards pertaining to this particular event, and some unlockable cosmetic items. With the amount of The Dawning message items in the database, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume a similar check-in with numerous vendors (like the one that kicked off Festival of the Lost) will be required during the event.

But beyond just cosmetic items, could Destiny also be getting a new PvP game type with this event? Yesterday, one gamer spotted Bungie designer Lars Bakken playing a private test build of Destiny, specifically a never-before-seen Crucible game type called Crimson Doubles.

Destiny Crimson Doubles

Doubles is a playlist that currently rotates in and out of the Crucible menu in Destiny. This appears to be a variation of that mode, not unlike when Bungie added Inferno Control to the game months before the release of House of Wolves.

Fans have been asking for Crucible modes with modifiers such as no exotics, all exotics, or no supers, so it’s possible that Crimson Doubles could have a modifier fans have been asking for. There’s also the chance the new mode won’t debut until later in the year in a release that Bungie is promising will be a bigger event or content drop.

There’s no official word from Bungie, and according to them, we probably won’t get any news about The Dawning or Crimson Doubles until February at the earliest.

Do you think The Dawning will be Destiny’s next live event? What do you think Crimson Doubles could be?

Source: Neogaf, Destiny Reddit, DestinyTracker