Destiny’s December event, The Dawning, brings with it a ton of new armor to collect. Here’s where to find each set, and how to get them before the event ends.

In addition to new exotic weapon Ornaments and exotics, including the return of the fan-favorite Ice Breaker, Destiny‘s The Dawning event brings numerous armor sets to chase after. Here’s a preview of the armor that can be found, and where to get it.


The Dawning Armor Set

This set of illuminated armor that has been shown off in many of the trailers for Destiny‘s latest live event is available only through Treasures of the Dawning. But unlike October’s Festival of the Lost event, players will be able to get their hands on a handful of Treasures of the Dawning without having to lay down any actual cash.

First, hitting Rank 5 on each character in Sparrow Racing League will award a Treasure of the Dawning. That can be done on all three characters, resulting in three Treasures total. To rank up quickly, be sure to pick up the daily bounties from Amanda Holliday in the Tower every day. Also, if you’re lucky enough to get an SRL class item to drop post-match, level it up and activate the perk that will increase SRL reputation gains.

The second way to get a free Treasure of the Dawning is by completing one Heroic Strike for the week. This is in place of the Radiant Treasure that used to drop from this activity. Unfortunately, the Treasure of the Dawning reward only drops on a per-account basis. However, playing every week during The Dawning will net three Treasures of the Dawning, meaning players can get six of these items total without having to spend any money. But for those who do want to spend the cash, Treasures of the Dawning can be purchased from Eververse for 200 Silver each, which translates to $2.00 US.

The Dawning armor (named Latern, Crystalline, and Snow Angel) sets are possible rewards from Treasures of the Dawning. They will drop to the corresponding class of the character opening them. These will randomly drop, and when they do, they will be at 3 Light. But, reports from fans state that the drop rates are fairly high – definitely much higher than the abysmal drop rates of the Treasures of the Lost.

As a bonus, once a player collects an entire set, the Sunglow shader and Ev-53 Glimmergold Sparrow will be awarded.

Rimed, Lamentation, Scarlight

In addition to the Dawning armor set, players can also get the Rimed, Lamentation, and Scarlight sets out of the Treasures of the Dawning. These sets are Legendary versions of the PlayStation-exclusive armor sets that launched in vanilla Destiny, and they have been upgraded to feature Chroma effects. In Year 1 these armor sets were rare in classification and therefore not that useful after a point. Now players will be able to brandish exclusive gear up to light level 400.

These are part of a guaranteed drop table from Treasures of the Dawning, so players will either get one of these pieces or one of the new exotic weapon Ornaments when opening a Treasure box.

Strike Bounty Set

With the addition of Strike Scoring and related bounties at Commander Zavala, players can earn new armor sets by turning in those bounties. When viewing a bounty from Zavala, the bounty will say whether the reward is a Legendary weapon or armor. The armor here is a completely unique set that can only be earned from completing these bounties.


Sparrow Racing Set

Just like last year’s Sparrow Racing League, special Sparrow racing armor, with applicable bonuses, is available in the Sparrow Racing League playlist. Any piece of gear can roll up to 400 Light, and is fully Infusable with players’ other armor. This armor, along with SRL Ornaments to change the appearance of the armor, only drop after SRL matches are completed in the post-match rewards screen.

All of the armor, except for the Strike Bounty armor, will no longer be available after The Dawning ends on January 3rd.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.