‘Destiny’ Trailer Shows New ‘Dark Below’ Weapons & Gear

By | 2 years ago 

With only a few weeks to go until Bungie unleashes their first DLC expansion for Destiny, the developer has kicked the promotional tour for said post-launch content in high gear. So far, they have detailed the game’s new story missions, strikes, and raids, while also teasing new gameplay mechanics and a ton of new gear.

Speaking of that gear, Bungie has unveiled a new video that focuses on just a few of the weapons and armor items that are packaged in The Dark Below. The video also brings back our friend DrCrispy93 who once again serves as a helpful guide through the world of Destiny.

As some may know, The Dark Below’s main focuses are the Moon and the Hive, similar to how the Vault of Glass‘s focuses were Venus and the Vex. Players will be able to venture into (not jump across) the Hellmouth for the first time ever, and take on the creatures that lurk below. What deadly enemies might lurk below is still a mystery, but the trailer does give us a better look at Crota, the Hive god who most assume is the final boss of the new raid.

DrCrispy93 also better acquaints players with Eris the new quest give for The Dark Below. As the opening cinematic has revealed, Eris is the lone survivor of a 6-player raid team that had an unfortunate run-in with Crota.

Destiny Dark Below Gear Trailer

In addition to new quests, Eris will also have new weapon and armor items to sell to players. However these items will likely pale in comparison to the legendary and exotic drops that come from the raid, strikes, and other PvE or PvP content. We highly doubt a Rocket Launcher as intricately designed and as devastating as the Dragon’s Breath will be that easy to come by. Although, we could be wrong.

And finally, the footage briefly teases some of the new Crucible maps that will ship with The Dark Below. Crucible has been mostly hit or miss with Destiny players – you either love it or you hate it – but the recent Iron Banner event may have changed some gamers’ perspectives. Regardless, there was no way Bungie was going to leave Crucible fans high and dry, and so they have prepared some new arenas to duke it out in.

All told, this latest trailer only provides brief glances at the new content. There’s no further explanation as to what type of story these various quests and strikes will tell, and we still have little information about the raid, outside of the Crota connection. Thankfully, Destiny players won’t have to wait much longer to uncover everything about The Dark Below.

What about The Dark Below has you the most excited? What types of legendary and exotic weapons are you hoping to see added to the fold?

Destiny: The Dark Below releases December 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It will retail for $15.

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