'Destiny: The Dark Below' Timed PlayStation Exclusives Revealed

Destiny Dark Below Gear Trailer

Despite being offered on four consoles, Sony was determined to make Destiny a PS4 selling point when the first-person shooter launched earlier this fall. One of the major reasons to play the game on a PlayStation console, rather an an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, was the exclusive content being offered by Activision and Bungie only on Sony's platforms (as a timed exclusive). The upcoming first expansion to Destiny continues that trend with a pair of timed exclusive incentives only on PS3 and PS4.

Much like the original Destiny release, The Dark Below will offer a PlayStation exclusive cooperative strike mission. In a game that is already so full of repeat content, actually having an extra strike to grind for gear and experience actually makes a significant difference and at the same time screws over Xbox players paying the same price for DLC. In addition to the exclusive mission, players on Sony consoles also have access to a new exotic shotgun.

The new PlayStation exclusive strike is called The Undying Mind and takes players back to Mars. Guardians and their ghosts will return to The Black Garden (which we all know too well by now) to battle a Vex machine-beast. We don't have any other details about the mission yet, aside from the image below of the titular foe, depicting a new variant of the Vex Hydra. A similar Vex Hydra unit named the The Nexus Sekrion is the also the final boss of The Nexus strike on Venus so if you're looking for actually new strike bosses... maybe in the next expansion.

Destiny Undying Mind

Although the availability of an extra strike will likely be more exciting to the majority of Destiny grinders (and those of us still trying to hit 30...), the exclusive shotgun also looks like a lot of fun. The exotic-class weapon is a full-auto arc, four barrel shotgun. The 4th Horseman holds a five shot clip and an incredibly fast fire rate. Five shots may not sound like a lot to get off before a reload, but we have a feeling it will be enough to down just about any enemy you run into.

Destiny 4th Horseman

Xbox users aren't totally out of luck though, as both of these exclusives are timed. We don't know exactly when the strike and the new weapon will arrive on Xbox consoles, but the timed exclusive deal runs through autumn 2015, so it will be sometime after that. Combined with The Dust Palace strike, Exodus Blue PvP map, and a handful of weapons; the PlayStation exclusives in Destiny are definitely piling up. All that exclusive content didn't stop the Xbox One from being the most popular console on Black Friday 2014, but it definitely provides plenty of motivation to stick to Sony for Destiny.

Do you think the exclusive content is enough reason to play Destiny on a Sony console rather than a Microsoft one? Is it enough reason to purchase a PS4? Let us know in the comments.


Destiny: The Dark Below releases December 9, 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One at a price of $19.99.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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