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To many, Destinyin its current form at least — is struggling to live up to its considerable hype. Players who are still invested in the potentially brilliant first-person shooter are holding out hope that its forthcoming expansions will begin to address some of these issues, and as such many are going to great lengths to get a peek at what's in store.

We've seen some real ingenuity from players who are exploring the fringes of the game world for a look at locations that shouldn't yet be accessible. The long-term plan that Bungie has for Destiny means that elements from its two announced expansions, 'The Dark Below' and 'The House of Wolves', can be found already if people look hard enough.

Now details are beginning to emerge about the second Raid that will be added to the game in 'The Dark Below'. Reddit user SwordofCrota has managed to uncover some entries on DestinyDB which shine some light on the sort of gear that players will receive for completing the 'Crota's End' Raid.

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The list of gear for each class is as follows, taken from SwordofCrota's post:

Warlock gear

Helmet- Deathsinger's Gaze

Chest- Deathsinger's Mantle

Gauntlets- Deathsinger's Grip

Legs- Deathsinger's Herald

Bond- Bone Circlet

Hunter gear

Helmet- Unyielding Casque

Chest- Relentless Harness

Gauntlets- Dogged Cage

Legs- Tireless Stride

Cloak- Shroud of Flies

Titan gear

Helmet- Willbreaker's Watch

Chest- Willbreaker's Resolve

Gauntlets- Willbreaker's Grip

Legs- Willbreaker's Greaves

Mark- Mark of the Pit

In Destiny, levelling beyond level 20 is tied to the 'Light' stat of gear and weapons. The current cap is level 30, but it seems that will change with 'The Dark Below' expansion. The hard variant of the 'Crota's End' raid has a recommended activity level, so it looks likely that these Raid rewards will have sufficient stats to help players go beyond level 30.

It'll be interesting to see how Bungie elects to balance its second round of Raid rewards. The Vex Mythoclast weapon, awarded to users who beat the hard version of the 'Vault of Glass' Raid, was widely thought of as the best gun in the game — but was made rather less omnipotent thanks to a patch released a few days ago. The rewards that players receive for completing the hardest challenges need to be satisfying, but balance in a game like this is all important.

With players clearly hungry for more content and more opportunities to develop their character further, 'The Dark Below' can't come soon enough. There's a clear sense that Bungie is designing Destiny as a marathon rather than a sprint — but now is the time for the game to hit its stride if the franchise is to meet its heady aspirations.


Destiny is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Its first expansion, 'The Dark Below' is scheduled to release in December.

Source: Reddit

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