'Destiny: The Dark Below' Launch Trailer Enters The Hellmouth

Destiny Dark Below Launch Trailer


The wait is nearly over for the very first expansion coming to Destiny players, taking them into The Dark Below. Fans are already eager to try their hand at the brand new raid, Crota's End, but as proof that Bungie is looking to give their players a boost in story - while bringing plenty of gameplay additions and new content - the DLC's launch trailer covers just about everything on its way.

Those who have been keeping tabs on the infamous Crota - the star of The Dark Below, and a mysterious 'god' that the Hive are looking to revive - will recognize much of the trailer's footage, previously seen in the DLC's opening cinematic. Unfortunately the launch trailer doesn't offer any more details on just what makes Crota a god, or more specifically, what the Hive might consider a god. But it does show that buyers will be getting their money's worth.

Once players have received their mission from new character Eris (one of the six originally sent to defeat Crota, and the narrator of the trailer) and jumped blindly into the Hellmouth, the real battle begins. Thankfully, Guardians will be packing plenty of new weaponry when they do, including (but not limited to) swords. Yes, swords.

Those intrigued by the heavier emphasis of The Dark Below on story missions and quests, or simply those Destiny players who have fallen behind on exactly how much the DLC will be bringing with it should be sure to check out our lengthy guide. With all the new Crucible locations, a brand new Exotic Upgrade system and more, it's truly hard to think of anyone still playing Destiny that won't jump at this offer.

Destiny Dark Below Launch Trailer

Strangely enough, Bungie also seems to be taking strides to cater to more than just the most experienced and seasoned players. The new raid Crota's End may be going live with the rest of The Dark Below, but will only be doing so on Normal Difficulty - Hard won't be coming until the new year. No further explanation has been given despite the DLC's launch just days away, but it's safe to assume that Bungie is keeping something close to their chest where Crota's most punishing incarnation is concerned.

Which aspect of The Dark Below has your interest (if any)? Is it the new enemy, and the raid content it brings with it? Or is it the Crucible content, the new weapons and armor, or the additional Strike missions?

Destiny: The Dark Below releases December 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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