'Destiny' Update Raises Weekly Strike & Daily Story Mission Difficulties

Destiny Dark Below Hot Fix

It's a big day for Destiny players as the highly anticipated Dark Below expansion is slated to arrive at 1am PST later tonight. The DLC will bring with it several new pieces of content including two new strikes (one if you're on Xbox), a handful of new story missions, new weapons and gear, and a brand new raid called Crota's End.

But before Destiny unleashes its selection of new content, Bungie has released a new hot fix that paves the way for The Dark Below. The patch addresses some unannounced bugs with the DLC and also raises the difficulty levels for some of Destiny's weekly and daily story missions.

Although Bungie doesn't reveal what the challenge levels for each weekly strike (Heroic and Nightfall) will be, we do know that the Nightfall will go from level 28 to level 30. And so it's safe to assume that the Heroic Strikes also go up by two levels at each tier. As far as the daily story missions are concerned, those have already jumped up by two levels at every tier so the max difficulty is now level 30.

Alongside these new challenge levels, Bungie's latest hot fix also patches some bugs in The Dark Below. However, since the DLC isn't actually live we have no idea what the bugs could have been. It does bode well for the experience that Bungie is trying to make sure it runs smooth before players go hands-on. Now if only they could address those Vault of Glass glitches.

Here are the full patch notes:

The Dark Below
  • General bug fixes to content features in The Dark Below
  • Increased challenge levels for the following:
    • Daily Heroic Story
    • Weekly Heroic Strike
    • Weekly Nightfall Strike

This small hot fix follows last week's update, which was quite a rather large one. Not only did that update pave the way for the new exotic upgrade system but it also introduced new base game changes as well. Now players have easier ways to procure destination materials and better odds of getting legendary engrams from the Cryptarch. That update was really the big one for The Dark Below, whereas today's patch covered a few smaller things.

Nevertheless, it's no doubt a big week for Bungie and Destiny players, who have been craving new content practically since launch. Granted, some feel that having to pay for new missions, raids, and strikes is devious, especially when one considers how light on content the retail offering was. Nevertheless, there is genuine enthusiasm for The Dark Below launch and we expect to see plenty of players milling about at 1am PST.

How do you feel about Bungie raising the challenge levels for the daily and weekly missions? Should they have raised the challenge levels so soon?

Destiny: The Dark Below releases December 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Bungie

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