'Destiny: Dark Below' DLC Video Shows Sword Gameplay & New Exotics

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In a little over two weeks Bungie will give Destiny players their first taste of post-launch story content in the form of The Dark Below DLC expansion. As previously detailed, The Dark Below will include a set of new story missions, one new Strike mission (or two for PlayStation players), a new Raid, and tons of new weapons and gear to collect.

But before Bungie lets players go hands-on with The Dark Below there's still plenty of legwork to be done. Specifically, Bungie needs to explain to Destiny players why this expansion is worth the $15 price tag.

Luckily, the coming week will deliver those much-needed Dark Below details as part of a preview feature from Game Informer. The publication recently visited Bungie's studio and was able to get all the important details on The Dark Below and get hands-on time with its new story content.

To better give players an idea of what to expect in the next week, the folks at GI have put together a teaser video highlighting all the new elements in The Dark Below. The footage features closer looks at each of the new story missions, provides more back-story on the character of Eris, showcases some of the new weapons and gear, and even teases some new gameplay experiences as well.

Destiny DLC Sword Mission

First and foremost, it sounds like Bungie is trying to deliver a more cohesive story experience with The Dark Below. It doesn't matter if players are off on quests or going through the new Strike, everything should tie together through the character of Eris.

Eris, as the video and epilogue cinematic explain, was the member of a raid team who descended into the depths of the Moon looking for the Hive god Crota. The details get a bit fuzzy from their but it sounds like the team found more than they bargained for and only Eris survived. Now, she sends players on a series of missions that will eventually culminate in the new 6-player raid, Crota's End.

Gameplay-wise, the new content looks pretty familiar, although it is nice to see the sword mechanic return. We don't know how much of a factor the sword will play in The Dark Below, but considering it played a small part of a single mission we're hoping Bungie has more sword missions planned this time around.

Destiny DLC - Crota

While the prospect of new content is intriguing we're still wary given how limited the retail Destiny package was. As Project Director Jason Jones says at the top of the video, players wanted more. However, they didn't want more in the form of paid DLC.

Hopefully, the upcoming details about The Dark Below – including more about those awesome legendary and exotic weapons – will do enough to convince players this is a value. Stick tuned to Game Rant for more.

What do you think of this closer look at The Dark Below? Do you think it will add enough to the game to keep you going?

Destiny: The Dark Below releases December 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Game Informer

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