'Destiny' Getting Custom Color Options For Vehicles, Armor

Destiny Character Screen

A persistently connected MMO with a wealth of things to do, Activision and developer Bungie have pledged to keep Destiny players occupied with fresh content for the next decade. Exclusive to PlayStation consoles until next year and taking players below the surface of the moon, Destiny's 'The Dark Below' DLC is the first content release in the pipeline.

Out at the end of the year, 'The Dark Below' brings with it a plethora of new missions to be tackled both solo and alone. There's the huge Crota's End Raid mission that won't be for the faint-hearted, several Strike missions for quick rounds of team gameplay and three additional story missions which would soothe complaints that Destiny's story wasn't substantial enough.

And, it turns out that 'The Dark Below' could also solve another fan request. After a new leak, ship and armour customization could soon be made available too.


That's according to PlanetDestiny, who once again managed to pull the information from DestinyDB, a site using a variety of tools (including data mining) to unearth info from the game's code. Per their latest harvest, the data details shaders for ships and Sparrows"

“Ship Shader Template - A reverse engineered shell that allows a Shader to interface with ship hull coatings.”

“Vehicle Shader Template – “A layer of translation code that allows a shader to interface with vehicle coatings.”

There are no photos of these customizations in action yet but by those descriptions they certainly seem to point to customized vehicles. There's potential for these customizations to be 'findable' too, which would certainly give those who've picked up 'The Dark Below' a reason to explore the sub-surface setting of Destiny's first DLC.

Destiny Screenshots - Drop Ship Attack

Furthermore, other questions remains about how the customizations would translate to the rest of the game. Would Sparrow customizations be visible in Destiny's PvP mode for example? Where a quick maneuver with your Sparrow can get you across the map, furthering your team to victory? Or will these be unavailable as not everyone in PvP will have picked up the DLC?

If making Sparrows and ships look a little snazzier isn't a good enough incentive to get the DLC, some may be enticed by the list of legendary ships that has also been leaked. Including menacing names such as "Shark Whisperer" and "Extinction Event" along with the more ridiculous "Ticktock Inquisitor" and "The Dirigible Incorrigible" they'll be spread across 'The Dark Below' and Destiny's 'House of Wolves' DLC (which doesn't have a release date attached to it as of yet).

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Meanwhile, if vehicle customization just isn't your thing, then maybe changing up your guardian's looks would be more preferable. Destiny players can already tweak their character's appearance (armor is colored) but as the best looking armor might not be the strongest, looking good can come at a price.

Another item called "Shader Data" describes "Code tweaks and mods for more complex armor shaders" which suggests players will be able to customize their armor themselves - or that the armor the game offers will simply come in more colorful varieties.

Of course, all three features are unconfirmed, and their existence doesn't necessarily mean that they're coming to Destiny at all (or any time soon). But, as always, we'll let you know if it's made official.

Source: Planet Destiny

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