Destiny Fans Discover Hidden Crucible Feature

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Unannounced by Bungie, fans discover a hidden feature in Destiny's Crucible mode that allows players to waive heavy ammo from spawning during an Elimination match.

Destiny’s developer Bungie is usually good about giving detailed patch notes when a new update hits its shared-world shooter. There was that time when skill-based matchmaking was stealth implemented, and there’s always some minor quality of living changes that are unknowingly either omitted on purpose or by mistake.

However, Destiny fans were the ones to discover an unnanounced feature hidden in Destiny’s Elimination gametype, used in the weekly Trials of Osiris playlist. In Elimination, once one team reaches three wins, it triggers a heavy ammo round where a heavy ammo box will load into the map. But if all six players (three on each team) all use the Wave emote at the beginning of the round before heavy ammo spawns, it will cause the heavy box not to spawn.

Destiny YouTuber MoreConsole shows off the new trick in action:


Bungie later confirmed on Twitter that waiving the heavy ammo box is an intended feature.


While the idea of "waving off heavy" sounds cool, it's important to mention this feature only works in private matches. It does not work in Trials of Osiris or the Elimination playlist found in the Crucible node when Trials of Osiris is not active.

Waving off heavy has been a common practice in the community before this was discovered, especially among fellow Destiny streamers and competitive players. In tournaments and competitive matches, top-tier players often choose not to pick up heavy ammo as a self-imposed rule, but it functions on the honor system. Rules like this are common in MLG and other competitive play, as well, in an effort to create what is considered a more balanced game.

The real question, though, is when this feature was added to the game and how long no one has noticed. Most likely it was in the last minor update that brought Festival of the Lost to the game last week, but fans are also wondering if Bungie would have ever announced the feature.

Speaking of the Elimination mode, last week’s Trials of Osiris was a new “spooky” edition of the playlist that took away players’ Motion Tracker and ability to revive. With Festival of the Lost continuing through November 8, fans are assuming that the same constraints will be back this weekend.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: MoreConsole

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