'Destiny': Crucible Trailer Reveals Competitive Multiplayer Modes

Destiny Crucible Modes Trailer


While much has been made of Destiny's unique take on the cooperative campaign, developer Bungie has, for the most part, played coy with regards to their competitive multiplayer. We know from hands-on previews and the Destiny beta that multiplayer in Destiny comes in the form of The Crucible, but those who did not participate in either of those unique opportunities are mostly in the dark. Until now.

As part of their Gamescom 2014 presence, Bungie has debuted a new trailer for Destiny that focuses exclusively on The Crucible. More specifically, the trailer introduces players to the handful of game modes that will be available to Crucible players this fall. Check it out above.

Obviously, Bungie isn't revolutionizing multiplayer with Destiny's offerings, but instead they are delivering a solid selection of game modes that gamers tend to enjoy. There's Rumble for those who like to lone wolf online, Control for fans of Capture-and-Hold mode types, and Skirmish for those players who want to battle online with only their 3-person Fireteam.  The other three game modes are titled Clash, Salvage, and Combined Arms.

Destiny Crucible Modes Trailer

In addition to The Crucible modes unveil, Bungie also revealed more about their PlayStation-exclusive content. They unfortunately didn't provide any hard details, but we now know that Playstation gamers will get exclusive access to the Dust Palace Strike mission and the Exodus Blue multiplayer map.

Fear not Xbox gamers, Bungie also had some special details for you as well - confirming that the first expansion for Destiny, titled The Dark Below, will launch this December. Again, Bungie wouldn't say much, but at least gamers have some idea as to how invested Bungie is in their game. Recently there have been concerns with regards to limited content and exploration opportunities, but if Bungie has a healthy selection of expansions planned then that could be enough.

Although Destiny has already garnered the interest of a great many of gamers — it's GameStop's most pre-ordered new IP ever — there are clearly those who are still on the fence. As a current-gen experience, there is a lot to take in. However, those who do take the plunge on current-gen this fall, and who also happen to be interested in Destiny, can net themselves a pretty sweet PS4 bundle that includes a Glacier White console & Dual Shock 4 controller, as well as a digital copy of the game.

Destiny White PS4 Bundle

It might seem strange that, less than a month from release, Bungie is still detailing new features and modes, but clearly that's a sign of Destiny's expansive nature. This is not meant to be a singular piece of entertainment, but a huge universe capable of sustaining an entire franchise. We'll see if Bungie can deliver in early September.

What do you think of the competitive multiplayer modes for Destiny? Have you already pre-ordered the game?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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