Destiny’s Next Patch Will Fix Broken Loot Drops, More Crucible Issues

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Last week in Destiny, players jumped into the limited-time PvP event known as Iron Banner, where power advantages are turned on and Guardians compete for special loot that can only drop during the competition. Problem was, most Iron Banner combatants soon discovered those loot drops were few and far between. Bungie had promised that end-of-match rewards would be the primary source of Iron Banner gear, but in reality it rarely happened.

It appears that the Destiny community complaints were justified—Bungie says they have discovered a bug that affects how Legendary gear drops in the Crucible, including in Iron Banner. So while the bug affects Crucible drops across all modes, it wasn’t until Iron Banner that they finally sought to see if there was an issue.

Design Lead Lars Bakken says that the issue will be fixed by the time the next Iron Banner rolls around next month.

We’re working hard to ensure that the next Iron Banner will work as intended, and be even better than before. These changes will make your entire Crucible career more rewarding. Once the final details are locked, we’ll be sure to share them with you. Thanks for all the feedback, and may the Lords of Iron reward your future bravery. 

That fix will come with patch 2.0.2, scheduled for release in November, at some point before Thanksgiving. Bungie also revealed that other parts of the Crucible experience aren’t quite working as intended, which will also be fixed in the patch.

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One of those issues has to do with Crucible Bounties. Senior Designer Andrew Weldon says multiple Bounties will be getting a tweak in 2.0.2 to make them a little easier to complete:

Our goal is that most Daily Crucible Bounties can be knocked out within a handful of matches. Weekly Bounties and larger scoped event Bounties should require some more commitment and – in some cases – a little extra muscle to accomplish.

Another headache for Guardians has been the Crucible Quest that players pick up at the beginning of The Taken King, which unlocks Weekly Crucible Bounties (that lead to higher-tier, Nightfall-level rewards). What was meant to be a quest to introduce PvP modes to those who rarely wander into the Crucible, in practice became a tedious campaign through the Crucible. In Patch 2.0.2, Bungie will be making the Questline shorter, allowing for easier and more flexible ways to progress through and wrap up the beast of a Quest.

While it’s a bit disappointing to know that Legendary rewards in the Crucible are bugged (now all those Legendary drops for last place players make sense!) and won’t be fixed until next month, at least the issue has been identified and will be patched. Also, with end-of-match drops being the primary source of rewards in Trials of Osiris, it will be interesting to see how things work when Trials of Osiris returns next Friday, October 30.

Did you get any good Iron Banner drops, or were you a victim of this Destiny bug?

Source: Bungie