Destiny: Watch the World Record Crota's End Solo Run [UPDATED]

Destiny Crotas End Solo World Record


In the Destiny community, everyone is acutely aware of the latest accomplishments and feats. From soloing Crota on hard to jumping the Hellmouth on a sparrow, if there’s a seemingly impossible task worth doing, chances are someone is attempting it right this moment.

But even then, there exist a select few Destiny feats that stand out among the rest. Those are the ones that carry the ‘World First’ or ‘World Record’ designation, highlighting that a player is either the first to do something or they are the best at it.

Our latest ‘World Record’ for Destiny comes courtesy of Turner Tfue, who has set the current best time for Soloing Crota’s End on normal difficulty. In total, it takes Turner Tfue just over 13 minutes to get from the Abyss to Crota and down the Hive god. For video proof, see above.

Granted, there are some caveats to the world record Destiny video. For starters, Turner Tfue bypasses a large section of The Abyss in Crota’s End by jumping to the higher level after the second lamp. It’s a “glitch” that most Destiny players know very well, but as we’ve seen it’s possible to solo the entire Abyss without needing to “cheat”. Similarly, because he or she is without a full fireteam of 6, Turner Tfue needs to fly across the unbuilt bridge in the second section.

Destiny Crotas End Solo World Record

That isn’t to undermine the accomplishment or the world record time, but the Destiny video should carry a few asterisks. However, since the end goal is speed – hence the term speed run – then Turner Tfue has a genuine accomplishment under their belt.

Those hoping to best Turner’s time will likely need to be a Hunter, if only because of the Bladedancer’s ability to fly over the unbuilt bridge in The Abyss. They also will likely want a Gjallarhorn for maximum damage when taking out the Ogres in the Bridge section, Ir Yut a little later, and for downing Crota as quick as possible. Those aren’t necessarily essential for a better time, but they will certainly help.

That’s the beauty of speed runs – whether it’s in a new game like Destiny, a retro favorite like Shovel Knight, or a class like Super Mario World. Gamers devote dozens of hours to uncovering the tiniest of details and time advantages, and end up getting through games (or parts of games) that used to take hours in just a few minutes. Remember when Crota’s End took the first raid team 6 hours to beat?

[UPDATE: The Legend Himself has posted a new solo Crota's End time of 12:11. Check out his speed run below]


What is your best time through Crota’s End? Have you tried to get through the raid solo?

Source: Turner Tfue

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