'Destiny' Player Beats Crota's End Solo With One Hand

Destiny Crotas End Solo One Hand


Over the past few months, we have documented some incredible Destiny feats. From solo Crota’s End raid runs on hard to high Crucible kill streaks, it feels like the Destiny community has done it all. Then, someone like the above gamer comes along and proves us wrong.

As readers can see in the video, this Destiny player has beat the Crota’s End raid with only one hand. Sure, they use their other hand to prop up the controller, but the actual game playing is preformed solely using a single hand.

Now, when we first started covering Crota’s End solo runs, many joked that they’d like to see someone run the Moon-based raid with one hand. However, few thought that it would actually be possible. For as much as Crota’s End is a less demanding raid than Vault of Glass in terms of teamwork and time commitment, it still requires some fast reflexes and quick wits. And that’s with a full fireteam of six players.

But, as has been shown time and time again, Destiny players love a challenge, and will do anything to find a record that they can be ‘World First’ at completing. It may seem silly to some (or a lot), but fellow Destiny guardians know these feats are nothing to scoff at.

Destiny Crotas End Solo One Hand

For video creator KapGun, however, the one-handed gameplay is not a choice. He has brachial plexus damage and therefore cannot hold a controller as other gamers would. Even so, KapGun has made sure that his disability does not impede his love of video games.

In fact, KapGun has a slight advantage in the one-handed world record space, if only because it’s his normal play style. Still, the fact that he was able to get through the entire raid – see his YouTube channel for the full video set – with one hand while using the entire controller is impressive.

We’re sure that there are plenty of players out there who will now say that the next feat will involve beating Crota with no hands, and that’s to be expected. Since it’s launch back in September, Destiny has easily been the most polarizing releases of the last few years, generating as much praise and love as disdain and outright hate. Still, as one of the best selling games from last year and a hot topic in early 2015, it’s hard to deny the Destiny community is strong.

What do you think of this latest Destiny accomplishment? What type of challenge would you like to see attempted next?

Source: KapGun

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