Destiny Player Beats Entire Raid Solo Using Rock Band Drums

By | 12 months ago 

The same user who defeated Crota using only a set of Rock Band 4 drums returns with full highlights of the entire Crota’s End Raid, which he successfully completed with only the aforementioned drum kit.

A few days ago, the Destiny world went into an uproar when an intrepid gamer used only his set of Rock Band 4 drums to beat Crota all by himself. The player promised to return and post videos for the entire Crota’s End raid, and he’s now delivering the promised highlights via his YouTube channel.

Crota’s End is only the second Raid ever added to Destiny, which has a community fond of skill-testing solo Raids like, say, using a drum kit instead of a controller. Players have beaten the Raid with one hand before (and no hands after that, of course), but this is probably the first time someone has done it with two sticks.

The Crota’s End Raid is included in the downloadable The Dark Below content update, which became available during the holidays last year. With the Raid having been available for almost a full year, it’s no surprise that it has already fallen to numerous crazy skill-testing raids, although the below video in particular will probably have the Destiny level designers scratching their heads:

The Abyss chapter of Crota’s End can be seen above, and gamers can check out Bridge, Thrallway, and Deathsinger here. The highlights are a nice alternative to watching the entire thing on Twitch, which would take a significant commitment of time.

The Rock Band hero admitted he wasn’t done with music instrument-based Destiny raids, and said that the future includes items like DJ Hero, Voice Command, and Guitar Hero. He also credited a user named fUnderdog for aiding with programming the drums for Destiny, and it looks like that user may have more work on their hands to make sure everything goes smoothly with a wide variety of music instruments which were never intended for Destiny.

Ridiculous and unique playthroughs have been fairly common this year, with things like Twitch Plays Dark Souls and even another Crota’s End’s solo run completed with a sword. With creative ideas being attempted left and right, we’re excited to see what’s next for Destiny raids – though it almost feels like there isn’t much left to do!

What do you think about the gamer’s successful Rock Band drum playthrough of Crota’s End, Ranters? Can you think of a more challenging peripheral?

Gamers can watch the full GladHeAteHer182 Twitch streams on his official channel. It’s only about a week old, so it could use some love.