'Destiny' Players Can Still Solo Section of Crota's End Raid After Patch

Destiny Player Solos Raid Post Patch


When Bungie announced a series of hot fixes for Destiny that would remove the Crota’s End exploits many figured the party was over. With these new changes players would no longer be able to cheese specific portions of the raid, but more importantly they would not be able to solo the experience either.

However, while those dreams of making it through Crota’s End without a team are dashed (for now), some players have discovered there are still ways to make it through sections alone. Specifically, one player has found that it’s possible to get through the bridge section, even with the extensive patches that have been made to that portion.

As readers can see in the video above, getting through the bridge section of Destiny's second raid requires a fair bit of patience, but is still very possible. However, unlike other solo strategies, this one has a ton of room for error.

First and foremost it’s important to mention that this solo run uses an exploit that removes all enemies, except for the Swordbearer, from the starting side of the area. What you need to do is head inside the room at the top of the stairs, jump on top of a box in the back, and then jump into the air. It’s unclear why this happens, but doing so will cause the enemies to despawn, leaving the Swordbearer by himself.

Destiny Player Solos Raid Post Patch

After doing that, the strategy is pretty simple, but as we mentioned it requires lots of patience. Players will need to keep the Swordbearer close to the central bridge-building pad, all the while drawing aggro from him, managing the bridge, and making the sure the Annihilator Totems (insta-death obelisks that normally are managed by your teammates) do not trigger. Then, once the Swordbearer is dead, the player picks up the sword and makes their way across the bridge. From there, it’s the same as any other solo strategy: manage the enemies until the Ogres spawn and then kill them to advance.

Overall, it’s a little more time-consuming strategy, but one that’s certainly doable. But, since the strategy does require using the box-jumping exploit we wouldn’t be surprised to see it disappear with another patch.

Even so, using this strategy requires getting past the first section of Crota’s End, which was also patched earlier today. No longer can players use the lamp explosions to fling themselves through half of the abyss, meaning they will need to walk through the entire thing. So, while it’s still possible to solo a later portion of the raid, getting to that section will likely require a team.

Have you tried to solo any portions of the Crota’s End raid since today’s hot fix? What do you think of today’s changes?


Source: Alex Priebe

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