'Destiny': Hard Version of Crota's End Already Cleared

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One of the keys to success for MMO titles is to have the ability to keep players coming back for more. It looks like one of the strategies Bungie has employed to keep players of Destiny involved is to have a number of difficult challenges for players released incrementally. Even though players have now managed to get the game's first raid, the Vault of Glass, down to a speed run contest, it's worth remembering that the first successful attempt at the Raid took an incredible 11 hours.

Destiny's first downloadable expansion, The Dark Below, may have been a disappointment for some, with issues regarding the lack of content on show, but its new Crota's End Raid soon became a player favorite. The Raid was then beaten solo by each and every class. That wasn't the last of Crota's End, though: Bungie revealed that the anticipated hard mode of the Raid would be coming on January 21st, with exclusive loot.

The challenges set out in the Raid's hard mode are clearly no match for some of Destiny's more hardcore fans, though. A clan called One and Done has been announced as the first to beat the Crota's End Raid on hard mode. Amazingly, the clan was able to complete the Raid in less than 30 minutes - and just over an hour after the hard mode went live. Bungie User Research was able to give confirmation of One and Done's success, and the result was then posted to Bungie's Twitter account.


What is so special about One and Done's success, then? The hard mode of the Crota's End Raid is not for the faint-hearted. The level of all enemies is upped to 33, putting them above the highest player level possible; Destiny's player level cap is 32. That means that all players are going to be underpowered in comparison to their enemies throughout the Raid. One and Done's fire-team consisted of six players - 4 level 32 Guardians and 2 level 31 Guardians.

The hard mode of Crota's End also removes certain elements that make the experience nicer for the player. This includes the removal of the Chalice of Light, a healing item, in the final boss fight against Crota himself.  Players might say that the challenge is worth it, though. Those who manage to complete Crota's End on hard mode will not only have the reward of a job well done and bragging rights. There is a variety of rare items available as loot, including a number of new weapons, and an exclusive shader.

One and Done have certainly written their way into Destiny history, though. It remains to be seen who can up the ante. Fellow Raid Vault of Glass was beaten by a 2-man team, whilst the initial version of Crota's End was beaten by a solo player. All that suggests that the next step is for smaller and smaller teams to take on the Raid on hard mode. If you're looking to step up to the challenge, be sure to read up on our guide to the changes to Crota's End hard mode.

Source: Bungie

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