The sequel to Destiny is quite a ways off with its launch slated for September later this year, and with Bungie not providing another content update ahead of the follow-up’s release, a lot of Guardians have been doing their best to make the preexisting content in the initial installment more challenging and worthwhile. Take for instance the two-man team of GladHeAteHer182 and I Indica I playing through the entire Crota’s End raid to completion at 390 Light without using any guns.

As seen in the video below, the two-man team takes on Crota’s End from start to finish with both of the Guardians using the same classes/subclasses throughout, with one Gunslinger Hunter and one Sunsinger Warlock for each section. While the Abyss, Bridge, Thrallway, and Deathsinger portions of the Destiny raid didn’t cause GladHeAteHer182 or I Indica I much trouble, Crota himself, however, was much more difficult than expected, and took the two over 20 hours to beat him without guns. This was primarily due to the Swordbearer’s final sword continually disappearing after its defeat.

Thankfully, through patience, planning, and perseverance, GladHeAteHer182 and I Indica I managed to get the best of Crota and all of the other enemies in the Destiny raid with the steady combination of melee attacks, grenade tosses, and Super abilities. Although the Guardians admitted to changing up their strategy quite often in order to see which one would work the best, it’s evident that their final method seen above did the trick.

Interestingly enough, this is far from the Guardians’ first instance of beating a Destiny raid with self-imposed limitations. As a matter of fact, the two were a part of a full team that killed all the raid bosses back-to-back without guns and without dying once. While the Crota’s End challenge took upwards of 20 hours, beating every raid boss in succession was much more daunting, as it took the group around 60 hours in total.

GladHeAteHer182 was also part of a recent Vault of Glass run in a two-man team alongside the fellow Guardian known as It is Spartan, as the gamers successfully beat the raid without the use of guns. Taking all of this into consideration, with Destiny 2‘s launch several months away, it looks like these players are either going to have to up the ante in some way in order to imbue the content that’s currently available with added shelf life, or pivot to a different title altogether to make the wait for the sequel feel even shorter.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit