Destiny Team Kills Crota Using Titan Flying Slams

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One of the biggest complaints leveled against Destiny — and something that its DLC has failed to address thus far — is the game's lack of content compared to other MMO-style titles. However, most dedicated players don't need anything new; they're happy testing out the boundaries of its mechanics with an array of self-imposed challenges.

We've seen Guardians push the limits of the Sparrow, travel to as-yet-uncharted regions, and even change the game via the discovery and eventual removal of the infamous loot cave. The game's Raids offer the most opportunities for the best players to show off their skills, whether its via a solo run, a time trial — or even just a particularly flashy kill of an end boss.

The latest such feat sees a group of players take down Crota of the Crota's End Raid using the Titan's flying slam super — sometimes referred to by Destiny fans as a 'Superman Smash'. A video of them accomplishing the task posted to Reddit demonstrates just how much teamwork and timing went in to the creative kill.

Destiny Crotas End Solo World Record

Footage like this is evidence that Destiny has managed to break free from some of the criticism that the game received in the immediate aftermath of its launch. Plenty has been said about how the game's lack of content prevents it from delivering anything close to an MMO experience, but it has certainly managed to cultivate a passionate community comparable to that of an MMO.

These are the players that continue to post videos of their latest achievements and keep Destiny discussion flowing across the internet. They're maintaining the game's relevance in between content packs, and you could certainly argue that they've played a major part in mitigating the backlash against the title.

That being said, they also make the development of future content all the more challenging. Destiny players have proven time and again that they're capable of mastering even the biggest challenges that Bungie have presented to them. Each upcoming piece of DLC — not to mention the eventual Destiny 2 — will have to keep the cream of the crop in mind to preserve this important segment of the community.

There's a sense of endless promise that makes Destiny so compelling — but delivering on that potential will never be a simple task. However, the game still shows signs that it can someday grow into the experience that many people expected it to deliver from day one.

Destiny is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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