'Destiny' Player Solos Crota's End Without Firing Guns

Destiny Solo Crota End No Guns


By now it feels like Destiny players have seen every single Crota’s End attempt under the sun. There have been solo runs as every class, two-man runs on, and even fireteam runs without firing weapons, all of which explore a different facet of the raid through a self-imposed challenge.

Still, as we’ve seen time and time again, there’s always a new challenge waiting just around the corner. The Destiny community is a devoted bunch, and while they may not have a ton of content available to them they will squeeze every drop of entertainment out of it.

With that in mind, we bring video evidence of the next major Destiny feat: soloing the Crota’s End raid without firing a weapon. We’ve seen a group of six complete the feat – although they actually fired a weapon once or twice – before, but this brave Destiny player solos the entire Crota’s End raid and never once relies on anything but grenades and melee.

Although we know it’s possible to complete The Abyss and Crota without firing a weapon, watching this player get through Ir Yut and the Bridge is quite impressive. Obviously, he doesn’t make it through each section without a few deaths, but that’s to be expected with a challenge like this.

Destiny Solo Crota End No Guns

There’s also a lot of timing involved, because many of the Crota’s End enemies require more than just a melee and a grenade to go down. The ogres in the bridge section and the shriekers in Ir Yut are particularly challenging because getting close enough to grenade them also opens the player up to damage.

In the end, as has been proved time and time again, it’s capable to get through Crota’s End in a non-traditional way. Similarly, the satisfaction that comes form getting out the other side with a new perspective on the raid is hard to replicate. The first time we soloed the raid, for example, it felt like a bigger accomplishment than most anything else in the game.

It’s funny to think that where Crota’s End was initially seen by some as a less interesting raid offering, it has now become an endless source for cool Destiny videos.

Have you tried to solo the Crota’s End raid? Do you find Destiny videos like this impressive?

Source: The HM05

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