'Destiny' Player Solos Crota's End Raid Without Dying

Destiny Solo Crota End No Death Video


After all three Destiny classes had soloed the Crota's End raid numerous times, we figured that the “solo the raid” craze had run its course. We were wrong.

Hoping to outdo all those who had come before him, one player decided that soloing the raid wasn't enough of a challenge. Yes, this player (a Titan) solos the raid, but he does so without dying. Assuming the video doesn't feature some clever editing (see below for some alleged proof the player did not die), then that's very impressive.

As you can see in the video above, most of the tried and tested strategies for soloing the Destiny raid are on full display. The player uses their Ward of Dawn bubble to build the bridge during the lamp phase, uses the sword to jump the chasm in the bridge-building phase, and then unleashes tons of damage on Ir Yut and Crota with the Gjallarhorn. However, while most players have been able to adapt these strategies successfully, we don't know of any others who have been able to do so without dying.

It's strange to think that when Crota's End first launched it took a group of 6 players about 7 hours to complete it, while now it takes about 30 minutes for one to make it through. We figured that, like with Vault of Glass, there would be adventurous raiders who would try to complete sections – and there were – but never did we imagine the whole raid could be completed solo.

Destiny Solo Crota End No Death Video

For Bungie, videos like this raise interesting talking points about the Crota's End raid. On the one hand, it has to be flattering to know that players are so dedicated to your game that they want to try any and everything. But seeing players get through the raid solo also undermines claims that the raids would be unique communal experiences. Vault of Glass may have been, but Crota's End clearly has its own idiosyncrasies.

So now that one of each class has soloed the raid and one player has done it without dying, the question now becomes what's next? We suspect the hard mode version of Crota's End – which is slated to launch later this month – will offer plenty of challenge, and it likely won't be long before players try to solo that version, but we're more interested in finding out if a level 31 can solo Crota. We're inclined to say it might be impossible, but about a month ago we didn't think a lone player could beat a Destiny raid.

Have you got the Flawless Raider achievement/trophy yet? How do you feel about someone soloing the Destiny raid without dying? Does it mean it's too easy or they are just very good?


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