'Destiny' Player Solos Crota's End Raid in 16-Minute Speed Run

Destiny - Hunter with revolver


When Bungie first launched the Crota's End raid it was the most grueling and challenging portion of Destiny. Many players resorted to pulling their ethernet cable from the wall to glitch the near-invulnerable god for an easy victory. Today, top tiered guardians are not content with just defeating Crota, though, but are placing self-imposed restrictions to ensure that they completely humiliate the Son of Oryx.

Such impressive feats include a fireteam of Titans completing Crota's End without firing their weapons, speedrunners causing two swordbearers to appear during the final fight and one player who soloed the entire raid while only using No Land Beyond, widely considered to be Destiny's worst weapon. It's time to add one more entry onto the list of players who became legend, just as Bungie promised.

Destiny player The Legend Himself, posted a video on YouTube in which he solos Crota's End in 16:07 using a Hunter. During the first two sections, Abyss and Bridge, he uses the subclass Bladedancer with the Blink ability equipped to skip time consuming sections of the raid. It's pure genius to see him use the sword swipes and the Blink cooldown to avoid waiting for the bridge to form through normal means. For the remaining portions, Deathsinger and Crota himself, the one-man-fireteam uses a Gunslinger for it's increased accuracy and reload perks.

Destiny - Hunter

This is not the first time The Legend Himself has raised the bar for guardians in Destiny; he was the first player to solo Crota on hard, complete Atheon with a three-man team and continues to push his own limits. Not satisfied with the 16 minute playthrough, he comments that there is still opportunity for skilled players to shave time off his record.

"After doing this, I now think that a perfect warlock could manage this in about 14 minutes or less. I also think with better execution and using blink to get through the barriers at the start of the Crota fight (nuanced, but tested and workable), this could be done a minute faster as a hunter as well."

It is worth noting, that this playthrough was completed on normal difficulty and there are a couple instances where the darkness does consume the player, meaning that it can be done faster. He also has an ideal weapon layout of Fatebringer, great for clearing out large groups of thrall, Black Hammer, perfect aim means the player doesn't need to reload, and Gjallarhorn, a must-have for any speedrun due to the high DPS. These are all items that some guardians, despite hundreds of hours of play, still haven't received from the dreaded RNG.

Despite some of Destiny's shortcomings, Bungie's latest franchise is continuing to prove itself as one of the most played and additive games available. It could be due to the smooth and graceful movements of combat, the polished MMO experience on consoles or guardians still searching for that ever elusive last exotic. Whatever the secret ingredient that keeps players coming back, expect to see the trend of ridiculous feats continue once the House of Wolves DLC releases.

What challenge would you like to see the Destiny community complete next? Do you think you can beat the 16 minute time? What is your most impressive accomplishment within the game?

Source: YouTube

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