Destiny: Now a Titan Has Beat Crota's End Raid Solo

Destiny Titan Solos Crotas End Raid


Shortly after video surfaced of a Destiny player soloing a small section of the Crota's End raid, many figured it would only be a matter of time before someone finished the entire experience solo. And they were right; not long after a video surfaced of a Hunter class character going from beginning to end without a single teammate. Watch it here.

The video itself was impressive, showcasing how specific weapons can be useful in different situations. It also showed a lot of determination on the player's part, as a few of the Crota's End sections are far from easy.

Now that this Hunter has given Destiny players the blueprint, we figured it wouldn't be long before the other two classes tried their hand at a solo run. In fact, we used the Hunter video as a guide for how to complete the raid and after hours of trying eventually did make it through alone. But, we'll admit that there were a few exploits used during our solo run, so it isn't technically official.

One Titan class, however, has made it through Crota's End solo, and he or she has the video to prove it. Much like with the Hunter, this Titan changes up their strategy based on the section, and eventually drops Crota in a little over an hour.

Since the Titan doesn't have the added benefit of invisibility, this run-through is arguably more impressive than the Hunter's. Getting through the lamp lighting section is no easy feat by yourself, and doing it without being able to hide has got to be even more challenging. Granted, the Titan could have borrowed a page from the Hunter's book and used the Patience and Time Sniper Rifle for its stealth capabilities, but they seem to prefer a more direct approach.

Destiny Titan Solos Crotas End Raid

After that, the strategies are fairly similar, right down to the showdown with Crota. This Titan also uses a Gjallarhorn to drop Crota's shield and then quickly picks up the sword and zips in for some quick hits. However, because this Titan is level 32 (and not level 31 like the Hunter), they can take down Crota quicker since each of their sword hits do more damage.

But while level 32 might be ideal for soloing the raid, it seems to be the Gjallarhorn that is the must-have tool. Not just any Gjallarhorn, but the new exotic version that boasts a max attack power of 331. Both videos we've seen, and my personal solo run, have need the rocket launcher to drop Crota quick enough.

Now all that's left is the Warlock, a class that was key for beating the Vault of Glass but has somehow lost some relevance in Crota's End. The good thing is Warlocks get the do-over thanks to their Radiance super, but really it's the first Warlock that has the wherewithal and the new Gjallahorn that will end up doing it.

For the rest of us, though, the raid is still a fun communal experience. Yes, it may not be as challenging as Vault of Glass if players can run through it solo, but it still has some really cool moments. It's also important if we ever want to get to level 32.


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Have you tried to solo parts or all of the Crota's End raid? Do you think it's good or bad that people can complete the whole raid by themselves?

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