Destiny: Crotas End Raid Beat Without Firing Guns

Destiny No Guns Crotas End Video

Earlier this week we featured a video highlighting a Vault of Glass raid team’s attempt to beat Atheon using only melee. It was a feat that, in the grand scheme of Destiny feats, was not the most impressive thing we’ve seen, but was still very cool.

Now, a new Destiny raid team has stepped forward to stake their own claim on the “coolest Destiny feat we’ve seen” title by getting through the entire Crota’s End raid without firing a single bullet. Watch as the team goes from The Abyss to Crota, and see all the creative ways they try to avoid using their weaponry.

Given that this team's rules required not firing weapons, it seemed obvious that the Crota’s End fireteam would be comprised entirely of Titans. With their bubble shield active, Titans can create a small arena, a fight club if you will, and punch anything and everything in their path. There’s a reason Titans are nicknamed “Punchbros” in the Destiny community.

Even then, punching certain enemies to death is by no means an easy task, especially the Shriekers floating in the air or Ir Yut during the Deathsinger section. Getting through those sections requires equal parts patience and controlled chaos, but somehow the team pulled it off.








And then, to take down Crota without firing a single bullet is hard to fathom. With so much room for error, we can only imagine how much planning went into getting this strategy down.

We should also mention that although the Titans don’t fire weapons, grenades and supers were not off the table. And in most cases, it appears each Titan had the Armamentarium chest armor on for double grenade use. So, yes they were punching things to death, but that wasn’t the only way they got Crota down.

While some gamers want to proclaim Destiny dead or that its moment has passed, clearly there are still plenty of dedicated fans out there. The fact that players don’t simply give up when they get the best loot or hit the level 32 cap speaks volumes about the dedication (or is it an addiction) many feel towards Destiny. It’s a good thing players are willing to try crazy attempts like this, because the next DLC could be a few months away.

What do you think of this “no guns” Crota’s End run? What has been the most impressive Destiny feat you’ve seen?


Source: Q2FooU

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