Destiny: Only Crota's End Will Be Available at Age of Triumph Launch

Destiny Age of Triumph Launch Trailer

There has been a lot of confusion among the Destiny community regarding the Age of Triumph event and its refreshed raids. While some believed that all four of the refreshed raids would be available at launch, which is 10am PT on March 28th, that is not the case. Only Crota’s End will be available for the first week.

It’s a detail that may have slipped through the cracks but one that is important for all Destiny players to be aware of. No doubt there will be some who instantly want to jump into Vault of Glass and claim their Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence, or Vex Mythoclast, but that will have to wait. Not long, mind you, but Crota is up first.

As some may know, Destiny’s Age of Triumph will introduce a new Featured Raid in the main director, next to the Weekly Nightfall Strike, the Weekly Strike, and the featured Crucible playlist. When the refreshed raid is featured that means its Challenge Modes will be active, and players will be able to earn new armor ornaments and adept versions of primary weapons. If the raid is not featured, however, players will still be able to complete the 390 light level versions, only without those challenge modes.

age of triumph raid gear

Things got a little confusing because of the Age of Triumph featured raid schedule and how Bungie plans to unlock the refreshed raids. Instead of unlocking all 4 at light level 390, the developer will be rolling them out week-by-week starting with Crota’s End on March 28th, then Vault of Glass on April 4th, then King’s Fall on April 11th, and finally Wrath of the Machine on April 18th.

In essence, there are two things to consider: when the individual raid goes live and then when the challenge modes will be active. For the former, the process is fairly simple: each week a raid will be featured and after that it will unlock for good.

For the latter, however, there is a schedule that rotates between the four raids, starting first with Crota’s End as mentioned. The good news is that all of a raid’s challenge modes will be active, so the rotation will be fairly easy to predict. Check out the chart below to see when each raid’s challenge modes will be active so you can earn those elemental primary weapons:

destiny raid challenge mode calendar

Hopefully that should clear up any confusion regarding why Vault of Glass, King’s Fall, and Wrath of the Machine are not unlocked when Age of Triumph goes live. Presumably Bungie wanted to stage the event to keep players invested for as long as possible, while they are also busy completing the biggest record book yet.

Destiny’s Age of Triumph goes live 10am PT on March 28th.

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