Destiny Glitch is Causing Players to Fail Crota Challenge

Destiny players have discovered a small glitch with the new Crota challenge in the Crota’s End raid that is preventing them from completing the event. Apparently, the glitch can happen if players go through certain sections of the raid without dying, especially the bridge section and the Ir Yut Challenge.

Bungie has yet to acknowledge the glitch, but it appears that problems arise because Destiny (the game) is not acknowledging barriers between different sections of the Crota’s End raid. Apparently, when teams move from one section to the next without dying, stats like swords held carry over. This becomes a problem because one of the key components of the Crota challenge is that no player can wield a sword twice.

In the normal version of Crota’s End this wouldn’t be a problem, since the challenges didn’t exist. But now that they do, and the Crota Challenge requires the team rotate sword bearers during every phase, it is causing some teams to fail.

While Bungie is sure to release a fix for the glitch, the best course of action right now is to wipe in between the Ir Yut boss fight and the Crota boss fight. That way the team can guarantee every player is free to wield the sword, and the challenge won’t fail.

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Some might even think that rotating sword bearers from Ir Yut to Crota works, but don’t forget that the bridge section also sees players wielding swords. That means that if a team gets through the bridge section without dying, completes Ir Yut, and gets to Crota, no one is eligible to wield a sword. So if you want to be safe, it’s best to wipe before the Crota boss fight.

Ultimately, it’s a small detail but players should be aware of it before trying to complete Crota’s End, which is this week’s featured raid. If players want the exotic elemental primary weapons and the Age of Triumph ornaments, then they are best served wiping before the Crota boss fight. That being said, if Bungie releases a patch that fixes the glitch, we will make sure to point that out as well.

Destiny is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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